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Substituting missing data with values according to some criteria.


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GAIN: Missing Data Imputation using Generative Adversarial Nets

jsyoon0823/GAIN ICML 2018

Accordingly, we call our method Generative Adversarial Imputation Nets (GAIN).

Recurrent Neural Networks for Multivariate Time Series with Missing Values

PeterChe1990/GRU-D 6 Jun 2016

Multivariate time series data in practical applications, such as health care, geoscience, and biology, are characterized by a variety of missing values.

Unsupervised Data Imputation via Variational Inference of Deep Subspaces

adalca/neuron 8 Mar 2019

In this work, we introduce a general probabilistic model that describes sparse high dimensional imaging data as being generated by a deep non-linear embedding.

A Transformer-based Framework for Multivariate Time Series Representation Learning

gzerveas/mvts_transformer 6 Oct 2020

In this work we propose for the first time a transformer-based framework for unsupervised representation learning of multivariate time series.

Deep Learning in Single-Cell Analysis

scverse/scvi-tools 22 Oct 2022

Under each task, we describe the most recent developments in classical and deep learning methods and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

Imaging Time-Series to Improve Classification and Imputation

cauchyturing/UCR_Time_Series_Classification_Deep_Learning_Baseline 1 Jun 2015

We used Tiled Convolutional Neural Networks (tiled CNNs) on 20 standard datasets to learn high-level features from the individual and compound GASF-GADF-MTF images.

BRITS: Bidirectional Recurrent Imputation for Time Series

caow13/BRITS NeurIPS 2018

It is ubiquitous that time series contains many missing values.

CSDI: Conditional Score-based Diffusion Models for Probabilistic Time Series Imputation

ermongroup/csdi NeurIPS 2021

In this paper, we propose Conditional Score-based Diffusion models for Imputation (CSDI), a novel time series imputation method that utilizes score-based diffusion models conditioned on observed data.

PyPOTS: A Python Toolbox for Data Mining on Partially-Observed Time Series

WenjieDu/PyPOTS 30 May 2023

PyPOTS is an open-source Python library dedicated to data mining and analysis on multivariate partially-observed time series, i. e. incomplete time series with missing values, A. K. A.

Input Convex Neural Networks

locuslab/icnn ICML 2017

We show that many existing neural network architectures can be made input-convex with a minor modification, and develop specialized optimization algorithms tailored to this setting.