Keypoint Estimation

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Mask R-CNN

tensorflow/models ICCV 2017

Our approach efficiently detects objects in an image while simultaneously generating a high-quality segmentation mask for each instance.

Objects as Points

xingyizhou/CenterNet 16 Apr 2019

We model an object as a single point --- the center point of its bounding box.

SMOKE: Single-Stage Monocular 3D Object Detection via Keypoint Estimation

lzccccc/SMOKE 24 Feb 2020

Estimating 3D orientation and translation of objects is essential for infrastructure-less autonomous navigation and driving.

HybrIK: A Hybrid Analytical-Neural Inverse Kinematics Solution for 3D Human Pose and Shape Estimation

Jeff-sjtu/HybrIK CVPR 2021

We show that HybrIK preserves both the accuracy of 3D pose and the realistic body structure of the parametric human model, leading to a pixel-aligned 3D body mesh and a more accurate 3D pose than the pure 3D keypoint estimation methods.

FCPose: Fully Convolutional Multi-Person Pose Estimation with Dynamic Instance-Aware Convolutions

aim-uofa/adet CVPR 2021

We propose a fully convolutional multi-person pose estimation framework using dynamic instance-aware convolutions, termed FCPose.

Bottom-up Object Detection by Grouping Extreme and Center Points

xingyizhou/ExtremeNet CVPR 2019

With the advent of deep learning, object detection drifted from a bottom-up to a top-down recognition problem.

CenterNet3D: An Anchor Free Object Detector for Point Cloud

wangguojun2018/CenterNet3d 13 Jul 2020

However, because inherent sparsity of point clouds, 3D object center points are likely to be in empty space which makes it difficult to estimate accurate boundaries.

Whole-Body Human Pose Estimation in the Wild

jin-s13/COCO-WholeBody ECCV 2020

This paper investigates the task of 2D human whole-body pose estimation, which aims to localize dense landmarks on the entire human body including face, hands, body, and feet.

Single Image 3D Interpreter Network

mostafaramadann/Single-Image-3D-reconstruction 29 Apr 2016

In this work, we propose 3D INterpreter Network (3D-INN), an end-to-end framework which sequentially estimates 2D keypoint heatmaps and 3D object structure, trained on both real 2D-annotated images and synthetic 3D data.

Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for 3D Keypoint Estimation via View Consistency

xingyizhou/3DKeypoints-DA ECCV 2018

In this paper, we introduce a novel unsupervised domain adaptation technique for the task of 3D keypoint prediction from a single depth scan or image.