Style Transfer

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Style transfer is the task of changing the style of an image in one domain to the style of an image in another domain.

( Image credit: A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style )

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Unpaired Image-to-Image Translation using Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks

tensorflow/models ICCV 2017

Image-to-image translation is a class of vision and graphics problems where the goal is to learn the mapping between an input image and an output image using a training set of aligned image pairs.

 Ranked #1 on Image-to-Image Translation on photo2vangogh (Frechet Inception Distance metric)

Multimodal Unsupervised Image-To-Image Translation Style Transfer +1

Politeness Transfer: A Tag and Generate Approach

fighting41love/funNLP ACL 2020

This paper introduces a new task of politeness transfer which involves converting non-polite sentences to polite sentences while preserving the meaning.

Style Transfer

A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style

jcjohnson/neural-style 26 Aug 2015

In fine art, especially painting, humans have mastered the skill to create unique visual experiences through composing a complex interplay between the content and style of an image.

Style Transfer

Exploring the structure of a real-time, arbitrary neural artistic stylization network

magenta/magenta 18 May 2017

In this paper, we present a method which combines the flexibility of the neural algorithm of artistic style with the speed of fast style transfer networks to allow real-time stylization using any content/style image pair.

Style Transfer

Style Transfer for Anime Sketches with Enhanced Residual U-net and Auxiliary Classifier GAN

lllyasviel/style2paints 11 Jun 2017

Recently, with the revolutionary neural style transferring methods, creditable paintings can be synthesized automatically from content images and style images.

Colorization Style Transfer

Perceptual Losses for Real-Time Style Transfer and Super-Resolution

alexjc/neural-enhance 27 Mar 2016

We consider image transformation problems, where an input image is transformed into an output image.

Image Super-Resolution Nuclear Segmentation +2

Instance Normalization: The Missing Ingredient for Fast Stylization

lengstrom/fast-style-transfer 27 Jul 2016

It this paper we revisit the fast stylization method introduced in Ulyanov et.

Image Generation Image Stylization

Deep Photo Style Transfer

luanfujun/deep-photo-styletransfer CVPR 2017

This paper introduces a deep-learning approach to photographic style transfer that handles a large variety of image content while faithfully transferring the reference style.

Style Transfer

Drafting and Revision: Laplacian Pyramid Network for Fast High-Quality Artistic Style Transfer

PaddlePaddle/PaddleGAN CVPR 2021

Inspired by the common painting process of drawing a draft and revising the details, we introduce a novel feed-forward method named Laplacian Pyramid Network (LapStyle).

Style Transfer

Preserving Color in Neural Artistic Style Transfer

cysmith/neural-style-tf 19 Jun 2016

This note presents an extension to the neural artistic style transfer algorithm (Gatys et al.).

Style Transfer