Text Spotting

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The ability to read text in natural scenes


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FOTS: Fast Oriented Text Spotting with a Unified Network

jiangxiluning/FOTS.PyTorch CVPR 2018

Incidental scene text spotting is considered one of the most difficult and valuable challenges in the document analysis community.

ABCNet: Real-time Scene Text Spotting with Adaptive Bezier-Curve Network

aim-uofa/AdelaiDet CVPR 2020

Our contributions are three-fold: 1) For the first time, we adaptively fit arbitrarily-shaped text by a parameterized Bezier curve.

Visual Re-ranking with Natural Language Understanding for Text Spotting

ahmedssabir/Visual-Semantic-Relatedness-with-Word-Embedding 29 Oct 2018

We propose a post-processing approach to improve scene text recognition accuracy by using occurrence probabilities of words (unigram language model), and the semantic correlation between scene and text.

Semantic Relatedness Based Re-ranker for Text Spotting

ahmedssabir/Semantic-Relatedness-Based-Reranker-for-Text-Spotting IJCNLP 2019

We present a scenario where semantic similarity is not enough, and we devise a neural approach to learn semantic relatedness.

A Bilingual, OpenWorld Video Text Dataset and End-to-end Video Text Spotter with Transformer

weijiawu/transvtspotter 9 Dec 2021

Most existing video text spotting benchmarks focus on evaluating a single language and scenario with limited data.

A Feasible Framework for Arbitrary-Shaped Scene Text Recognition

zhang0jhon/AttentionOCR 10 Dec 2019

Deep learning based methods have achieved surprising progress in Scene Text Recognition (STR), one of classic problems in computer vision.

AE TextSpotter: Learning Visual and Linguistic Representation for Ambiguous Text Spotting

whai362/AE_TextSpotter ECCV 2020

Unlike previous works that merely employed visual features for text detection, this work proposes a novel text spotter, named Ambiguity Eliminating Text Spotter (AE TextSpotter), which learns both visual and linguistic features to significantly reduce ambiguity in text detection.

Open Images V5 Text Annotation and Yet Another Mask Text Spotter

openvinotoolkit/training_extensions 23 Jun 2021

A large scale human-labeled dataset plays an important role in creating high quality deep learning models.

Mask TextSpotter: An End-to-End Trainable Neural Network for Spotting Text with Arbitrary Shapes

lvpengyuan/masktextspotter.caffe2 ECCV 2018

Recently, models based on deep neural networks have dominated the fields of scene text detection and recognition.

Visual Semantic Re-ranker for Text Spotting

ahmedssabir/Visual-Semantic-Relatedness-with-Word-Embedding 23 Oct 2018

In this paper, we propose a post-processing approach to improve the accuracy of text spotting by using the semantic relation between the text and the scene.