Vocal Bursts Valence Prediction

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predict the degrees of valence and arousal for the given vocal bursts


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Most implemented papers

Two at Once: Enhancing Learning and Generalization Capacities via IBN-Net

XingangPan/IBN-Net ECCV 2018

IBN-Net carefully integrates Instance Normalization (IN) and Batch Normalization (BN) as building blocks, and can be wrapped into many advanced deep networks to improve their performances.

Two-Stream Convolutional Networks for Action Recognition in Videos

feichtenhofer/twostreamfusion NeurIPS 2014

Our architecture is trained and evaluated on the standard video actions benchmarks of UCF-101 and HMDB-51, where it is competitive with the state of the art.

Semantic Style Transfer and Turning Two-Bit Doodles into Fine Artworks

innat/ML-Resource 5 Mar 2016

Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have proven highly effective at image synthesis and style transfer.

PacGAN: The power of two samples in generative adversarial networks

fjxmlzn/PacGAN NeurIPS 2018

Generative adversarial networks (GANs) are innovative techniques for learning generative models of complex data distributions from samples.

Towards Good Practices for Very Deep Two-Stream ConvNets

yjxiong/caffe 8 Jul 2015

However, for action recognition in videos, the improvement of deep convolutional networks is not so evident.

Light-Head R-CNN: In Defense of Two-Stage Object Detector

makefile/frcnn 20 Nov 2017

More importantly, simply replacing the backbone with a tiny network (e. g, Xception), our Light-Head R-CNN gets 30. 7 mmAP at 102 FPS on COCO, significantly outperforming the single-stage, fast detectors like YOLO and SSD on both speed and accuracy.

Two-pass Discourse Segmentation with Pairing and Global Features

arne-cl/feng-hirst-rst-parser 30 Jul 2014

Previous attempts at RST-style discourse segmentation typically adopt features centered on a single token to predict whether to insert a boundary before that token.

MagNet: a Two-Pronged Defense against Adversarial Examples

Trevillie/MagNet 25 May 2017

Different from previous work, MagNet learns to differentiate between normal and adversarial examples by approximating the manifold of normal examples.

Two-Stream Adaptive Graph Convolutional Networks for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition

benedekrozemberczki/pytorch_geometric_temporal CVPR 2019

In addition, the second-order information (the lengths and directions of bones) of the skeleton data, which is naturally more informative and discriminative for action recognition, is rarely investigated in existing methods.

FinalMLP: An Enhanced Two-Stream MLP Model for CTR Prediction

reczoo/RecZoo 3 Apr 2023

As such, many two-stream interaction models (e. g., DeepFM and DCN) have been proposed by integrating an MLP network with another dedicated network for enhanced CTR prediction.