Video Background Subtraction

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Most implemented papers

Adaptive-Rate Sparse Signal Reconstruction With Application in Compressive Background Subtraction

joaofcmota/AdaptiveRateCompressiveForegroundExtraction 11 Mar 2015

We propose and analyze an online algorithm for reconstructing a sequence of signals from a limited number of linear measurements.

Robust Graph Learning from Noisy Data

sckangz/RGC 17 Dec 2018

The proposed model is able to boost the performance of data clustering, semisupervised classification, and data recovery significantly, primarily due to two key factors: 1) enhanced low-rank recovery by exploiting the graph smoothness assumption, 2) improved graph construction by exploiting clean data recovered by robust PCA.

Illumination-Based Data Augmentation for Robust Background Subtraction

dksakkos/illumination_augmentation 18 Oct 2019

A core challenge in background subtraction (BGS) is handling videos with sudden illumination changes in consecutive frames.

Autoencoder-based background reconstruction and foreground segmentation with background noise estimation

BrunoSauvalle/AE-NE 15 Dec 2021

The main novelty of the proposed model is that the autoencoder is also trained to predict the background noise, which allows to compute for each frame a pixel-dependent threshold to perform the foreground segmentation.

A Deep Moving-camera Background Model

bgu-cs-vil/deepmcbm 16 Sep 2022

Moreover, existing MCBMs usually model the background either on the domain of a typically-large panoramic image or in an online fashion.