Video Background Subtraction

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Most implemented papers

Adaptive-Rate Sparse Signal Reconstruction With Application in Compressive Background Subtraction

FaceOnLive/Realtime-Background-Changer-SDK-Android 11 Mar 2015

We propose and analyze an online algorithm for reconstructing a sequence of signals from a limited number of linear measurements.

Robust Graph Learning from Noisy Data

sckangz/RGC 17 Dec 2018

The proposed model is able to boost the performance of data clustering, semisupervised classification, and data recovery significantly, primarily due to two key factors: 1) enhanced low-rank recovery by exploiting the graph smoothness assumption, 2) improved graph construction by exploiting clean data recovered by robust PCA.

Deep learning for Background Replacement in Video Conferencing

kiranshahi/Real-time-Background-replacement-in-Video-Conferencing International Journal of Network Dynamics and Intelligence 2023

Background replacement is one of the most used features in video conferencing applications by many people, perhaps mainly for privacy protection, but also for other purposes such as branding, marketing and promoting professionalism.

Illumination-Based Data Augmentation for Robust Background Subtraction

dksakkos/illumination_augmentation 18 Oct 2019

A core challenge in background subtraction (BGS) is handling videos with sudden illumination changes in consecutive frames.

Autoencoder-based background reconstruction and foreground segmentation with background noise estimation

BrunoSauvalle/AE-NE 15 Dec 2021

The main novelty of the proposed model is that the autoencoder is also trained to predict the background noise, which allows to compute for each frame a pixel-dependent threshold to perform the foreground segmentation.

A Deep Moving-camera Background Model

bgu-cs-vil/deepmcbm 16 Sep 2022

Moreover, existing MCBMs usually model the background either on the domain of a typically-large panoramic image or in an online fashion.