Instance Segmentation Models

Hybrid Task Cascade

Introduced by Chen et al. in Hybrid Task Cascade for Instance Segmentation

Hybrid Task Cascade, or HTC, is a framework for cascading in instance segmentation. It differs from Cascade Mask R-CNN in two important aspects: (1) instead of performing cascaded refinement on the two tasks of detection and segmentation separately, it interweaves them for a joint multi-stage processing; (2) it adopts a fully convolutional branch to provide spatial context, which can help distinguishing hard foreground from cluttered background.

Source: Hybrid Task Cascade for Instance Segmentation


Paper Code Results Date Stars


Task Papers Share
Text Classification 7 13.46%
Instance Segmentation 7 13.46%
Semantic Segmentation 6 11.54%
Multi-Label Classification 5 9.62%
Classification 4 7.69%
Object Detection 4 7.69%
Test 3 5.77%
GPR 1 1.92%
Few-shot HTC 1 1.92%