CornerNet-Lite: Efficient Keypoint Based Object Detection

18 Apr 2019  ·  Hei Law, Yun Teng, Olga Russakovsky, Jia Deng ·

Keypoint-based methods are a relatively new paradigm in object detection, eliminating the need for anchor boxes and offering a simplified detection framework. Keypoint-based CornerNet achieves state of the art accuracy among single-stage detectors. However, this accuracy comes at high processing cost. In this work, we tackle the problem of efficient keypoint-based object detection and introduce CornerNet-Lite. CornerNet-Lite is a combination of two efficient variants of CornerNet: CornerNet-Saccade, which uses an attention mechanism to eliminate the need for exhaustively processing all pixels of the image, and CornerNet-Squeeze, which introduces a new compact backbone architecture. Together these two variants address the two critical use cases in efficient object detection: improving efficiency without sacrificing accuracy, and improving accuracy at real-time efficiency. CornerNet-Saccade is suitable for offline processing, improving the efficiency of CornerNet by 6.0x and the AP by 1.0% on COCO. CornerNet-Squeeze is suitable for real-time detection, improving both the efficiency and accuracy of the popular real-time detector YOLOv3 (34.4% AP at 30ms for CornerNet-Squeeze compared to 33.0% AP at 39ms for YOLOv3 on COCO). Together these contributions for the first time reveal the potential of keypoint-based detection to be useful for applications requiring processing efficiency.

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Object Detection COCO minival CornerNet-Saccade (Hourglass-54) box AP 42.6 # 117
APS 25.5 # 45
APM 44.3 # 55
APL 58.4 # 40
Object Detection COCO minival CornerNet-Saccade (Hourglass-104) box AP 41.4 # 130
APS 23.8 # 56
APM 43.5 # 62
APL 57.1 # 48
Object Detection COCO test-dev CornerNet-Saccade (Hourglass-104, multi-scale) box AP 43.2 # 150
APS 24.4 # 104
APM 44.6 # 116
APL 57.3 # 79
Hardware Burden None # 1
Operations per network pass None # 1
Object Detection COCO test-dev CornerNet-Squeeze box AP 34.4 # 218
Hardware Burden None # 1
Operations per network pass None # 1