Hierarchical Gumbel Attention Network for Text-based Person Search

10 Oct 2020  ·  Kecheng Zheng, Wu Liu, Jiawei Liu, Zheng-Jun Zha, Tao Mei ·

Text-based person search aims to retrieve the pedestrian images that best match a given textual description from gallery images. Previous methods utilize the soft-attention mechanism to infer the semantic alignments between the regions of image and the corresponding words in sentence. However, these methods may fuse the irrelevant multi-modality features together which cause matching redundancy problem. In this work, we propose a novel hierarchical Gumbel attention network for text-based person search via Gumbel top-k re-parameterization algorithm. Specifically, it adaptively selects the strong semantically relevant image regions and words/phrases from images and texts for precise alignment and similarity calculation. This hard selection strategy is able to fuse the strong-relevant multi-modality features for alleviating the problem of matching redundancy. Meanwhile, a Gumbel top-k reparameterization algorithm is designed as a low-variance, unbiased gradient estimator to handle the discreteness problem of hard attention mechanism by an end-to-end manner. Moreover, a hierarchical adaptive matching strategy is employed by the model from three different granularities, i.e., word-level, phrase-level, and sentencelevel, towards fine-grained matching. Extensive experimental results demonstrate the state-of-the-art performance. Compared the existed best method, we achieve the 8.24% Rank-1 and 7.6% mAP relative improvements in the text-to-image retrieval task, and 5.58% Rank-1 and 6.3% mAP relative improvements in the image-to-text retrieval task on CUHK-PEDES dataset, respectively



Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Benchmark
Text based Person Retrieval CUHK-PEDES HGAN R@1 59.00 # 14
R@10 86.62 # 12
R@5 79.49 # 12


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