Image Retrieval

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Image retrieval systems aim to find similar images to a query image among an image dataset.

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Detect-to-Retrieve: Efficient Regional Aggregation for Image Search

tensorflow/models CVPR 2019

Then, we demonstrate how a trained landmark detector, using our new dataset, can be leveraged to index image regions and improve retrieval accuracy while being much more efficient than existing regional methods.

Image Retrieval

Revisiting Oxford and Paris: Large-Scale Image Retrieval Benchmarking

tensorflow/models CVPR 2018

In particular, annotation errors, the size of the dataset, and the level of challenge are addressed: new annotation for both datasets is created with an extra attention to the reliability of the ground truth.

Image Retrieval

Unifying Deep Local and Global Features for Image Search

tensorflow/models ECCV 2020

Image retrieval is the problem of searching an image database for items that are similar to a query image.

Dimensionality Reduction Image Retrieval

Large-Scale Image Retrieval with Attentive Deep Local Features

tensorflow/models ICCV 2017

We propose an attentive local feature descriptor suitable for large-scale image retrieval, referred to as DELF (DEep Local Feature).

Image Retrieval

VGGFace2: A dataset for recognising faces across pose and age

deepinsight/insightface 23 Oct 2017

The dataset was collected with three goals in mind: (i) to have both a large number of identities and also a large number of images for each identity; (ii) to cover a large range of pose, age and ethnicity; and (iii) to minimize the label noise.

Ranked #3 on Face Verification on IJB-C (TAR @ FAR=0.01 metric)

Face Recognition Face Verification +1

Improving the HardNet Descriptor

kornia/kornia 19 Jul 2020

In the thesis we consider the problem of local feature descriptor learning for wide baseline stereo focusing on the HardNet descriptor, which is close to state-of-the-art.

Dimensionality Reduction Image Retrieval

Kornia: an Open Source Differentiable Computer Vision Library for PyTorch

kornia/kornia 5 Oct 2019

This work presents Kornia -- an open source computer vision library which consists of a set of differentiable routines and modules to solve generic computer vision problems.

Edge Detection Image Augmentation +7