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Alibaba Submission to the WMT20 Parallel Corpus Filtering Task

no code implementations WMT (EMNLP) 2020 Jun Lu, Xin Ge, Yangbin Shi, Yuqi Zhang

In the filtering task, three main methods are applied to evaluate the quality of the parallel corpus, i. e. a) Dual Bilingual GPT-2 model, b) Dual Conditional Cross-Entropy Model and c) IBM word alignment model.

Language Identification Machine Translation +4

Alibaba’s Submission for the WMT 2020 APE Shared Task: Improving Automatic Post-Editing with Pre-trained Conditional Cross-Lingual BERT

no code implementations WMT (EMNLP) 2020 Jiayi Wang, Ke Wang, Kai Fan, Yuqi Zhang, Jun Lu, Xin Ge, Yangbin Shi, Yu Zhao

We also apply an imitation learning strategy to augment a reasonable amount of pseudo APE training data, potentially preventing the model to overfit on the limited real training data and boosting the performance on held-out data.

Automatic Post-Editing Benchmarking +4

Aerial Lifting: Neural Urban Semantic and Building Instance Lifting from Aerial Imagery

1 code implementation18 Mar 2024 Yuqi Zhang, GuanYing Chen, Jiaxing Chen, Shuguang Cui

We then introduce a novel cross-view instance label grouping strategy based on the 3D scene representation to mitigate the multi-view inconsistency problem in the 2D instance labels.

Instance Segmentation Novel View Synthesis +2

Learning to Manipulate Artistic Images

1 code implementation25 Jan 2024 Wei Guo, Yuqi Zhang, De Ma, Qian Zheng

Recent advancement in computer vision has significantly lowered the barriers to artistic creation.

Computational Efficiency Feature Compression +2

Intention Analysis Makes LLMs A Good Jailbreak Defender

no code implementations12 Jan 2024 Yuqi Zhang, Liang Ding, Lefei Zhang, DaCheng Tao

Aligning large language models (LLMs) with human values, particularly in the face of stealthy and complex jailbreak attacks, presents a formidable challenge.

Improving Neural Machine Translation by Multi-Knowledge Integration with Prompting

no code implementations8 Dec 2023 Ke Wang, Jun Xie, Yuqi Zhang, Yu Zhao

In this work, we focus on how to integrate multi-knowledge, multiple types of knowledge, into NMT models to enhance the performance with prompting.

Machine Translation NMT +1

Synslator: An Interactive Machine Translation Tool with Online Learning

no code implementations8 Oct 2023 Jiayi Wang, Ke Wang, Fengming Zhou, Chengyu Wang, Zhiyong Fu, Zeyu Feng, Yu Zhao, Yuqi Zhang

Interactive machine translation (IMT) has emerged as a progression of the computer-aided translation paradigm, where the machine translation system and the human translator collaborate to produce high-quality translations.

Language Modelling Machine Translation +1

Learning Efficient Representations for Image-Based Patent Retrieval

no code implementations26 Aug 2023 Hongsong Wang, Yuqi Zhang

Patent retrieval has been attracting tremendous interest from researchers in intellectual property and information retrieval communities in the past decades.

Image Retrieval Information Retrieval +1

Efficient Token-Guided Image-Text Retrieval with Consistent Multimodal Contrastive Training

1 code implementation15 Jun 2023 Chong Liu, Yuqi Zhang, Hongsong Wang, Weihua Chen, Fan Wang, Yan Huang, Yi-Dong Shen, Liang Wang

Most previous works either simply learn coarse-grained representations of the overall image and text, or elaborately establish the correspondence between image regions or pixels and text words.

Representation Learning Retrieval +1

Graph Convolution Based Efficient Re-Ranking for Visual Retrieval

1 code implementation15 Jun 2023 Yuqi Zhang, Qi Qian, Hongsong Wang, Chong Liu, Weihua Chen, Fan Wang

In particular, the plain GCR is extended for cross-camera retrieval and an improved feature propagation formulation is presented to leverage affinity relationships across different cameras.

Distributed Computing Image Retrieval +3

Atrial Septal Defect Detection in Children Based on Ultrasound Video Using Multiple Instances Learning

no code implementations6 Jun 2023 Yiman Liu, Qiming Huang, Xiaoxiang Han, Tongtong Liang, Zhifang Zhang, Lijun Chen, Jinfeng Wang, Angelos Stefanidis, Jionglong Su, Jiangang Chen, Qingli Li, Yuqi Zhang

In addition, data from 30 children patients (15 positives and 15 negatives) are collected for clinician testing and compared to our model test results (these 30 samples do not participate in model training).

Defect Detection Specificity

Disambiguated Lexically Constrained Neural Machine Translation

no code implementations27 May 2023 Jinpeng Zhang, Nini Xiao, Ke Wang, Chuanqi Dong, Xiangyu Duan, Yuqi Zhang, Min Zhang

Lexically constrained neural machine translation (LCNMT), which controls the translation generation with pre-specified constraints, is important in many practical applications.

Data Augmentation Machine Translation +1

Non-parametric, Nearest-neighbor-assisted Fine-tuning for Neural Machine Translation

no code implementations23 May 2023 Jiayi Wang, Ke Wang, Yuqi Zhang, Yu Zhao, Pontus Stenetorp

We explore whether such non-parametric models can improve machine translation models at the fine-tuning stage by incorporating statistics from the kNN predictions to inform the gradient updates for a baseline translation model.

Machine Translation Translation

Efficient Large-scale Scene Representation with a Hybrid of High-resolution Grid and Plane Features

1 code implementation6 Mar 2023 Yuqi Zhang, GuanYing Chen, Shuguang Cui

Based on this hybrid representation, we propose a fast optimization NeRF variant, called GP-NeRF, that achieves better rendering results while maintaining a compact model size.

TSMind: Alibaba and Soochow University's Submission to the WMT22 Translation Suggestion Task

no code implementations16 Nov 2022 Xin Ge, Ke Wang, Jiayi Wang, Nini Xiao, Xiangyu Duan, Yu Zhao, Yuqi Zhang

The leader board finally shows that our submissions are ranked first in three of four language directions in the Naive TS task of the WMT22 Translation Suggestion task.

Data Augmentation Language Modelling +1

Easy Guided Decoding in Providing Suggestions for Interactive Machine Translation

1 code implementation14 Nov 2022 Ke Wang, Xin Ge, Jiayi Wang, Yu Zhao, Yuqi Zhang

Human translators perform post editing on machine translations to correct errors in the scene of computer aided translation.

Machine Translation NMT +1

Third-Party Aligner for Neural Word Alignments

1 code implementation8 Nov 2022 Jinpeng Zhang, Chuanqi Dong, Xiangyu Duan, Yuqi Zhang, Min Zhang

Word alignment is to find translationally equivalent words between source and target sentences.

Language Modelling Word Alignment

Learning to Incorporate Texture Saliency Adaptive Attention to Image Cartoonization

1 code implementation2 Aug 2022 Xiang Gao, Yuqi Zhang, Yingjie Tian

Image cartoonization is recently dominated by generative adversarial networks (GANs) from the perspective of unsupervised image-to-image translation, in which an inherent challenge is to precisely capture and sufficiently transfer characteristic cartoon styles (e. g., clear edges, smooth color shading, abstract fine structures, etc.).

Style Transfer Unsupervised Image-To-Image Translation

Ada-NETS: Face Clustering via Adaptive Neighbour Discovery in the Structure Space

2 code implementations ICLR 2022 Yaohua Wang, Yaobin Zhang, Fangyi Zhang, Ming Lin, Yuqi Zhang, Senzhang Wang, Xiuyu Sun

In Ada-NETS, each face is transformed to a new structure space, obtaining robust features by considering face features of the neighbour images.

Clustering Face Clustering

QEMind: Alibaba's Submission to the WMT21 Quality Estimation Shared Task

no code implementations30 Dec 2021 Jiayi Wang, Ke Wang, Boxing Chen, Yu Zhao, Weihua Luo, Yuqi Zhang

Quality Estimation, as a crucial step of quality control for machine translation, has been explored for years.

Machine Translation Sentence +1

Graph Convolution for Re-ranking in Person Re-identification

1 code implementation5 Jul 2021 Yuqi Zhang, Qian Qi, Chong Liu, Weihua Chen, Fan Wang, Hao Li, Rong Jin

In this work, we propose a graph-based re-ranking method to improve learned features while still keeping Euclidean distance as the similarity metric.

Person Re-Identification Re-Ranking +1

An Empirical Study of Vehicle Re-Identification on the AI City Challenge

1 code implementation20 May 2021 Hao Luo, Weihua Chen, Xianzhe Xu, Jianyang Gu, Yuqi Zhang, Chong Liu, Yiqi Jiang, Shuting He, Fan Wang, Hao Li

We mainly focus on four points, i. e. training data, unsupervised domain-adaptive (UDA) training, post-processing, model ensembling in this challenge.

Re-Ranking Retrieval +1

City-Scale Multi-Camera Vehicle Tracking Guided by Crossroad Zones

1 code implementation14 May 2021 Chong Liu, Yuqi Zhang, Hao Luo, Jiasheng Tang, Weihua Chen, Xianzhe Xu, Fan Wang, Hao Li, Yi-Dong Shen

Multi-Target Multi-Camera Tracking has a wide range of applications and is the basis for many advanced inferences and predictions.

Clustering Vehicle Re-Identification

Bilingual Terminology Extraction from Comparable E-Commerce Corpora

no code implementations15 Apr 2021 Hao Jia, Shuqin Gu, Yuqi Zhang, Xiangyu Duan

Bilingual terminologies are important machine translation resources in the field of e-commerce, which are usually either manually translated or automatically extracted from parallel data.

Machine Translation Sentence +1

1st Place Solution to ECCV-TAO-2020: Detect and Represent Any Object for Tracking

1 code implementation20 Jan 2021 Fei Du, Bo Xu, Jiasheng Tang, Yuqi Zhang, Fan Wang, Hao Li

We extend the classical tracking-by-detection paradigm to this tracking-any-object task.

Ranked #7 on Multi-Object Tracking on TAO (using extra training data)

Multi-Object Tracking Object

1st Place Solution to VisDA-2020: Bias Elimination for Domain Adaptive Pedestrian Re-identification

1 code implementation25 Dec 2020 Jianyang Gu, Hao Luo, Weihua Chen, Yiqi Jiang, Yuqi Zhang, Shuting He, Fan Wang, Hao Li, Wei Jiang

Considering the large gap between the source domain and target domain, we focused on solving two biases that influenced the performance on domain adaptive pedestrian Re-ID and proposed a two-stage training procedure.

Domain Adaptation Pseudo Label

3DPVNet: Patch-level 3D Hough Voting Network for 6D Pose Estimation

no code implementations15 Sep 2020 Yuanpeng Liu, Jun Zhou, Yuqi Zhang, Chao Ding, Jun Wang

To address the problem, a novel 3DPVNet is presented in this work, which utilizes 3D local patches to vote for the object 6D poses.

6D Pose Estimation

From Trailers to Storylines: An Efficient Way to Learn from Movies

1 code implementation14 Jun 2018 Qingqiu Huang, Yuanjun Xiong, Yu Xiong, Yuqi Zhang, Dahua Lin

Experiments on this dataset showed that the proposed method can substantially reduce the training time while obtaining highly effective features and coherent temporal structures.

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