Anomaly Detection

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Anomaly Detection, Anomaly Segmentation, Novelty Detection, Out-of-Distribution Detection

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Temporal Cycle-Consistency Learning

google-research/google-research CVPR 2019

We introduce a self-supervised representation learning method based on the task of temporal alignment between videos.

Anomaly Detection Representation Learning +2

Dlib-ml: A Machine Learning Toolkit

davisking/dlib 1 Jan 2009

There are many excellent toolkits which provide support for developing machine learning software in Python, R, Matlab, and similar environments.

Anomaly Detection Face Verification

PyOD: A Python Toolbox for Scalable Outlier Detection

yzhao062/pyod 6 Jan 2019

PyOD is an open-source Python toolbox for performing scalable outlier detection on multivariate data.

Anomaly Detection outlier ensembles

Learning Retrospective Knowledge with Reverse Reinforcement Learning

ShangtongZhang/DeepRL NeurIPS 2020

We present a Reverse Reinforcement Learning (Reverse RL) approach for representing retrospective knowledge.

Anomaly Detection Representation Learning

DeepWalk: Online Learning of Social Representations

williamleif/GraphSAGE 26 Mar 2014

We present DeepWalk, a novel approach for learning latent representations of vertices in a network.

Anomaly Detection Language Modelling +1

Large-Scale Intelligent Microservices

Azure/mmlspark 17 Sep 2020

Deploying Machine Learning (ML) algorithms within databases is a challenge due to the varied computational footprints of modern ML algorithms and the myriad of database technologies each with its own restrictive syntax.

Anomaly Detection

Spliced Binned-Pareto Distribution for Robust Modeling of Heavy-tailed Time Series

awslabs/gluon-ts 21 Jun 2021

This work proposes a novel method to robustly and accurately model time series with heavy-tailed noise, in non-stationary scenarios.

Anomaly Detection Time Series

GluonTS: Probabilistic Time Series Models in Python

awslabs/gluon-ts 12 Jun 2019

We introduce Gluon Time Series (GluonTS, available at https://gluon-ts. mxnet. io), a library for deep-learning-based time series modeling.

Anomaly Detection Time Series +2

Unsupervised real-time anomaly detection for streaming data

numenta/NAB Neurocomputing 2017

We present results and analysis for a wide range of algorithms on this benchmark, and discuss future challenges for the emerging field of streaming analytics.

Anomaly Detection Time Series

Real-Time Anomaly Detection for Streaming Analytics

numenta/NAB 8 Jul 2016

Much of the worlds data is streaming, time-series data, where anomalies give significant information in critical situations.

Anomaly Detection Time Series