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The Atari 2600 Games task (and dataset) involves training an agent to achieve high game scores.

( Image credit: Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning )


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Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning

ray-project/ray 19 Dec 2013

We present the first deep learning model to successfully learn control policies directly from high-dimensional sensory input using reinforcement learning.

Deep Reinforcement Learning with Double Q-learning

labmlai/annotated_deep_learning_paper_implementations 22 Sep 2015

The popular Q-learning algorithm is known to overestimate action values under certain conditions.

Prioritized Experience Replay

google/dopamine 18 Nov 2015

Experience replay lets online reinforcement learning agents remember and reuse experiences from the past.

Dueling Network Architectures for Deep Reinforcement Learning

labmlai/annotated_deep_learning_paper_implementations 20 Nov 2015

In recent years there have been many successes of using deep representations in reinforcement learning.

Asynchronous Methods for Deep Reinforcement Learning

ray-project/ray 4 Feb 2016

We propose a conceptually simple and lightweight framework for deep reinforcement learning that uses asynchronous gradient descent for optimization of deep neural network controllers.

Rainbow: Combining Improvements in Deep Reinforcement Learning

thu-ml/tianshou 6 Oct 2017

The deep reinforcement learning community has made several independent improvements to the DQN algorithm.

A Distributional Perspective on Reinforcement Learning

facebookresearch/Horizon ICML 2017

We obtain both state-of-the-art results and anecdotal evidence demonstrating the importance of the value distribution in approximate reinforcement learning.

An Intriguing Failing of Convolutional Neural Networks and the CoordConv Solution

uber-research/coordconv NeurIPS 2018

In this paper we show a striking counterexample to this intuition via the seemingly trivial coordinate transform problem, which simply requires learning a mapping between coordinates in (x, y) Cartesian space and one-hot pixel space.

Trust Region Policy Optimization

DLR-RM/stable-baselines3 19 Feb 2015

We describe an iterative procedure for optimizing policies, with guaranteed monotonic improvement.

IMPALA: Scalable Distributed Deep-RL with Importance Weighted Actor-Learner Architectures

deepmind/scalable_agent ICML 2018

In this work we aim to solve a large collection of tasks using a single reinforcement learning agent with a single set of parameters.