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TristouNet: Triplet Loss for Speaker Turn Embedding

hbredin/TristouNet 14 Sep 2016

TristouNet is a neural network architecture based on Long Short-Term Memory recurrent networks, meant to project speech sequences into a fixed-dimensional euclidean space.

Learning to Measure Change: Fully Convolutional Siamese Metric Networks for Scene Change Detection

gmayday1997/ChangeDet 22 Oct 2018

A critical challenge problem of scene change detection is that noisy changes generated by varying illumination, shadows and camera viewpoint make variances of a scene difficult to define and measure since the noisy changes and semantic ones are entangled.

Change Detection in Multi-temporal VHR Images Based on Deep Siamese Multi-scale Convolutional Networks

I-Hope-Peace/ChangeDetectionRepository 27 Jun 2019

Based on the unit two novel deep siamese convolutional neural networks, called as deep siamese multi-scale convolutional network (DSMS-CN) and deep siamese multi-scale fully convolutional network (DSMS-FCN), are designed for unsupervised and supervised change detection, respectively.

Shape and Time Distortion Loss for Training Deep Time Series Forecasting Models

vincent-leguen/STDL NeurIPS 2019

We introduce a differentiable loss function suitable for training deep neural nets, and provide a custom back-prop implementation for speeding up optimization.

Detecting Urban Changes with Recurrent Neural Networks from Multitemporal Sentinel-2 Data

granularai/fabric 17 Oct 2019

\begin{abstract} The advent of multitemporal high resolution data, like the Copernicus Sentinel-2, has enhanced significantly the potential of monitoring the earth's surface and environmental dynamics. neural building blocks for speaker diarization

pyannote/pyannote-audio 4 Nov 2019

We introduce pyannote. audio, an open-source toolkit written in Python for speaker diarization.

Fully Convolutional Siamese Networks for Change Detection

rcdaudt/fully_convolutional_change_detection 19 Oct 2018

This paper presents three fully convolutional neural network architectures which perform change detection using a pair of coregistered images.

Slum Segmentation and Change Detection : A Deep Learning Approach

cbsudux/Mumbai-slum-segmentation 19 Nov 2018

More than one billion people live in slums around the world.

A Remote Sensing Image Dataset for Cloud Removal


Removing clouds is an indispensable pre-processing step in remote sensing image analysis.

Online Detection of Sparse Changes in High-Dimensional Data Streams Using Tailored Projections

Tveten/tdpcaTEP 6 Aug 2019

For the purpose of anomaly and change detection, however, the least varying projections are often the most important ones.