Event Detection

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CNN Architectures for Large-Scale Audio Classification

towhee-io/towhee 29 Sep 2016

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) have proven very effective in image classification and show promise for audio.

Optimal Hyperparameters for Deep LSTM-Networks for Sequence Labeling Tasks

UKPLab/emnlp2017-bilstm-cnn-crf 21 Jul 2017

Selecting optimal parameters for a neural network architecture can often make the difference between mediocre and state-of-the-art performance.

What Makes Training Multi-Modal Classification Networks Hard?

facebookresearch/R2Plus1D CVPR 2020

Consider end-to-end training of a multi-modal vs. a single-modal network on a task with multiple input modalities: the multi-modal network receives more information, so it should match or outperform its single-modal counterpart.

Recurrent Neural Networks for Polyphonic Sound Event Detection in Real Life Recordings

yardencsGitHub/tf_syllable_segmentation_annotation 4 Apr 2016

In this paper we present an approach to polyphonic sound event detection in real life recordings based on bi-directional long short term memory (BLSTM) recurrent neural networks (RNNs).

Literary Event Detection

dbamman/litbank ACL 2019

In this work we present a new dataset of literary events{---}events that are depicted as taking place within the imagined space of a novel.

Embed2Detect: Temporally Clustered Embedded Words for Event Detection in Social Media

HHansi/Embed2Detect 10 Jun 2020

Social media is becoming a primary medium to discuss what is happening around the world.

A Background-Agnostic Framework with Adversarial Training for Abnormal Event Detection in Video

lilygeorgescu/AED 27 Aug 2020

Following the standard formulation of abnormal event detection as outlier detection, we propose a background-agnostic framework that learns from training videos containing only normal events.

ACCDOA: Activity-Coupled Cartesian Direction of Arrival Representation for Sound Event Localization and Detection

sharathadavanne/seld-dcase2021 29 Oct 2020

Conventional NN-based methods use two branches for a sound event detection (SED) target and a direction-of-arrival (DOA) target.

Knowledge-Preserving Incremental Social Event Detection via Heterogeneous GNNs

RingBDStack/KPGNN 21 Jan 2021

The complexity and streaming nature of social messages make it appealing to address social event detection in an incremental learning setting, where acquiring, preserving, and extending knowledge are major concerns.