Video-Text Retrieval

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Video-Text retrieval requires understanding of both video and language together. Therefore it's different to video retrieval task.


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Frozen in Time: A Joint Video and Image Encoder for End-to-End Retrieval

m-bain/frozen-in-time ICCV 2021

Our objective in this work is video-text retrieval - in particular a joint embedding that enables efficient text-to-video retrieval.

CLIP4Clip: An Empirical Study of CLIP for End to End Video Clip Retrieval

ArrowLuo/CLIP4Clip 18 Apr 2021

In this paper, we propose a CLIP4Clip model to transfer the knowledge of the CLIP model to video-language retrieval in an end-to-end manner.

Fine-grained Video-Text Retrieval with Hierarchical Graph Reasoning

CryhanFang/CLIP2Video CVPR 2020

To improve fine-grained video-text retrieval, we propose a Hierarchical Graph Reasoning (HGR) model, which decomposes video-text matching into global-to-local levels.

LanguageBind: Extending Video-Language Pretraining to N-modality by Language-based Semantic Alignment

pku-yuangroup/languagebind 3 Oct 2023

We thus propose VIDAL-10M with Video, Infrared, Depth, Audio and their corresponding Language, naming as VIDAL-10M.

mPLUG: Effective and Efficient Vision-Language Learning by Cross-modal Skip-connections

alibaba/AliceMind 24 May 2022

Large-scale pretrained foundation models have been an emerging paradigm for building artificial intelligence (AI) systems, which can be quickly adapted to a wide range of downstream tasks.

Improving Video-Text Retrieval by Multi-Stream Corpus Alignment and Dual Softmax Loss

starmemda/camow 9 Sep 2021

In this paper, we propose a multi-stream Corpus Alignment network with single gate Mixture-of-Experts (CAMoE) and a novel Dual Softmax Loss (DSL) to solve the two heterogeneity.

Bridging Video-text Retrieval with Multiple Choice Questions

tencentarc/mcq CVPR 2022

As an additional benefit, our method achieves competitive results with much shorter pre-training videos on single-modality downstream tasks, e. g., action recognition with linear evaluation.

Egocentric Video-Language Pretraining

showlab/egovlp 3 Jun 2022

Video-Language Pretraining (VLP), which aims to learn transferable representation to advance a wide range of video-text downstream tasks, has recently received increasing attention.

UniAdapter: Unified Parameter-Efficient Transfer Learning for Cross-modal Modeling

rerv/uniadapter 13 Feb 2023

Particularly, on the MSRVTT retrieval task, UniAdapter achieves 49. 7% recall@1 with 2. 2% model parameters, outperforming the latest competitors by 2. 0%.

Learning Joint Embedding with Multimodal Cues for Cross-Modal Video-Text Retrieval

niluthpol/multimodal_vtt ICMR 2018

Constructing a joint representation invariant across different modalities (e. g., video, language) is of significant importance in many multimedia applications.