Universal Dependencies

Introduced by Nivre et al. in Universal Dependencies v1: A Multilingual Treebank Collection

The Universal Dependencies (UD) project seeks to develop cross-linguistically consistent treebank annotation of morphology and syntax for multiple languages. The first version of the dataset was released in 2015 and consisted of 10 treebanks over 10 languages. Version 2.7 released in 2020 consists of 183 treebanks over 104 languages. The annotation consists of UPOS (universal part-of-speech tags), XPOS (language-specific part-of-speech tags), Feats (universal morphological features), Lemmas, dependency heads and universal dependency labels.

Source: Evaluating Contextualized Embeddings on 54 Languagesin POS Tagging, Lemmatization and Dependency Parsing


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