The Importance of Time in Causal Algorithmic Recourse

marti5ini/time-car 8 Jun 2023

The application of Algorithmic Recourse in decision-making is a promising field that offers practical solutions to reverse unfavorable decisions.

08 Jun 2023

Video-ChatGPT: Towards Detailed Video Understanding via Large Vision and Language Models

mbzuai-oryx/video-chatgpt 8 Jun 2023

Conversation agents fueled by Large Language Models (LLMs) are providing a new way to interact with visual data.

08 Jun 2023

Learning Closed-form Equations for Subgrid-scale Closures from High-fidelity Data: Promises and Challenges

jakharkaran/eqsdiscovery_2d-fhit_rbc 8 Jun 2023

There is growing interest in discovering interpretable, closed-form equations for subgrid-scale (SGS) closures/parameterizations of complex processes in Earth system.

08 Jun 2023

Efficient and Equivariant Graph Networks for Predicting Quantum Hamiltonian

divelab/AIRS 8 Jun 2023

We consider the prediction of the Hamiltonian matrix, which finds use in quantum chemistry and condensed matter physics.

08 Jun 2023

Scaling Spherical CNNs

google-research/spherical-cnn 8 Jun 2023

Spherical CNNs generalize CNNs to functions on the sphere, by using spherical convolutions as the main linear operation.

08 Jun 2023

Mesogeos: A multi-purpose dataset for data-driven wildfire modeling in the Mediterranean

orion-ai-lab/mesogeos 8 Jun 2023

We introduce Mesogeos, a large-scale multi-purpose dataset for wildfire modeling in the Mediterranean.

08 Jun 2023

Learned spatial data partitioning

onizukalab/spatial-data-partitioning-using-drl 8 Jun 2023

Due to the significant increase in the size of spatial data, it is essential to use distributed parallel processing systems to efficiently analyze spatial data.

08 Jun 2023

Multi-level Multiple Instance Learning with Transformer for Whole Slide Image Classification

hustvl/mmil-transformer 8 Jun 2023

The combination of both should provide new insights for deep learning based image diagnosis.

08 Jun 2023

Layer-level activation mechanism

layeract/layeract 8 Jun 2023

In this work, we propose a novel activation mechanism aimed at establishing layer-level activation (LayerAct) functions.

08 Jun 2023

ReliableSwap: Boosting General Face Swapping Via Reliable Supervision

ygtxr1997/reliableswap 8 Jun 2023

To avoid the potential artifacts and drive the distribution of the network output close to the natural one, we reversely take synthetic images as input while the real face as reliable supervision during the training stage of face swapping.

08 Jun 2023