Unraveling the Mystery of Artifacts in Machine Generated Text

iamlxb3/UMAMGT LREC 2022

As neural Text Generation Models (TGM) have become more and more capable of generating text indistinguishable from human-written ones, the misuse of text generation technologies can have serious ramifications.

25 Jun 2022

Frequency Dependent Sound Event Detection for DCASE 2022 Challenge Task 4

frednam93/FDY-SED 23 Jun 2022

While many deep learning methods on other domains have been applied to sound event detection (SED), differences between original domains of the methods and SED have not been appropriately considered so far.

Event Detection Sound Event Detection

23 Jun 2022

Physics-Informed Statistical Modeling for Wildfire Aerosols Process Using Multi-Source Geostationary Satellite Remote-Sensing Data Streams

gz-wei/physics-informed-statistical-modeling-for-wildfire-aerosols-propagation 23 Jun 2022

Increasingly frequent wildfires significantly affect solar energy production as the atmospheric aerosols generated by wildfires diminish the incoming solar radiation to the earth.

23 Jun 2022

CGAR: Critic Guided Action Redistribution in Reinforcement Leaning

tairanhuang/cgar 23 Jun 2022

As discussed in this paper, under the settings of the off-policy actor critic algorithms, we demonstrate that the critic can bring more expected discounted rewards than or at least equal to the actor.


23 Jun 2022

Fundamental limitations on the control of lossless systems

johan-lindb/l-css22 23 Jun 2022

In this paper we derive fundamental limitations on the levels of $H_2$ and $H_\infty{}$ performance that can be achieved when controlling lossless systems.

23 Jun 2022

Explore Spatio-temporal Aggregation for Insubstantial Object Detection: Benchmark Dataset and Baseline

calayzhou/iod-video CVPR 2022

We endeavor on a rarely explored task named Insubstantial Object Detection (IOD), which aims to localize the object with following characteristics: (1) amorphous shape with indistinct boundary; (2) similarity to surroundings; (3) absence in color.

object-detection Object Detection

23 Jun 2022

Mining Error Templates for Grammatical Error Correction

hillzhang1999/mucgec 23 Jun 2022

We have accumulated 1, 119 error templates for Chinese GEC based on this method.

Grammatical Error Correction Language Modelling

23 Jun 2022

Theory-Grounded Measurement of U.S. Social Stereotypes in English Language Models

tristacao/u.s_stereotypes 23 Jun 2022

NLP models trained on text have been shown to reproduce human stereotypes, which can magnify harms to marginalized groups when systems are deployed at scale.

23 Jun 2022

Toward Clinically Assisted Colorectal Polyp Recognition via Structured Cross-modal Representation Consistency

weijiemax/cpc-trans 23 Jun 2022

By aligning the class tokens and spatial attention maps of paired NBI and WL images at different levels, the Transformer achieves the ability to keep both global and local representation consistency for the above two modalities.

Classification Image Classification

23 Jun 2022