PolyNet: Polynomial Neural Network for 3D Shape Recognition with PolyShape Representation

15 Oct 2021  ·  Mohsen Yavartanoo, Shih-Hsuan Hung, Reyhaneh Neshatavar, Yue Zhang, Kyoung Mu Lee ·

3D shape representation and its processing have substantial effects on 3D shape recognition. The polygon mesh as a 3D shape representation has many advantages in computer graphics and geometry processing. However, there are still some challenges for the existing deep neural network (DNN)-based methods on polygon mesh representation, such as handling the variations in the degree and permutations of the vertices and their pairwise distances. To overcome these challenges, we propose a DNN-based method (PolyNet) and a specific polygon mesh representation (PolyShape) with a multi-resolution structure. PolyNet contains two operations; (1) a polynomial convolution (PolyConv) operation with learnable coefficients, which learns continuous distributions as the convolutional filters to share the weights across different vertices, and (2) a polygonal pooling (PolyPool) procedure by utilizing the multi-resolution structure of PolyShape to aggregate the features in a much lower dimension. Our experiments demonstrate the strength and the advantages of PolyNet on both 3D shape classification and retrieval tasks compared to existing polygon mesh-based methods and its superiority in classifying graph representations of images. The code is publicly available from https://myavartanoo.github.io/polynet/.

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Benchmark
3D Object Classification ModelNet10 PolyNet Accuracy 94.93 # 1
3D Point Cloud Classification ModelNet40 PolyNet Overall Accuracy 92.42 # 76