SGPN: Similarity Group Proposal Network for 3D Point Cloud Instance Segmentation

CVPR 2018 Weiyue WangRonald YuQiangui HuangUlrich Neumann

We introduce Similarity Group Proposal Network (SGPN), a simple and intuitive deep learning framework for 3D object instance segmentation on point clouds. SGPN uses a single network to predict point grouping proposals and a corresponding semantic class for each proposal, from which we can directly extract instance segmentation results... (read more)

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Evaluation results from the paper

Task Dataset Model Metric name Metric value Global rank Compare
3D Object Detection NYU Depth v2 SGPN-CNN MAP 41.30 # 1
Instance Segmentation NYU Depth v2 SGPN-CNN MAP 43.5 # 1
3D Semantic Instance Segmentation ScanNetV1 SGPN [email protected] 35.1 # 1
3D Semantic Instance Segmentation ScanNetV2 SGPN [email protected] 14.3 # 2
Semantic Segmentation ShapeNet SGPN Mean IoU 85.8% # 1