Real-Time Strategy Games

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Real-Time Strategy (RTS) tasks involve training an agent to play video games with continuous gameplay and high-level macro-strategic goals such as map control, economic superiority and more.

( Image credit: Multi-platform Version of StarCraft: Brood War in a Docker Container )

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StarCraft II: A New Challenge for Reinforcement Learning

deepmind/pysc2 16 Aug 2017

Finally, we present initial baseline results for canonical deep reinforcement learning agents applied to the StarCraft II domain.

Starcraft Starcraft II

ELF: An Extensive, Lightweight and Flexible Research Platform for Real-time Strategy Games

facebookresearch/ELF NeurIPS 2017

In addition, our platform is flexible in terms of environment-agent communication topologies, choices of RL methods, changes in game parameters, and can host existing C/C++-based game environments like Arcade Learning Environment.

Atari Games Starcraft

TorchCraft: a Library for Machine Learning Research on Real-Time Strategy Games

TorchCraft/TorchCraft 1 Nov 2016

We present TorchCraft, a library that enables deep learning research on Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games such as StarCraft: Brood War, by making it easier to control these games from a machine learning framework, here Torch.


The StarCraft Multi-Agent Challenge

oxwhirl/pymarl 11 Feb 2019

In this paper, we propose the StarCraft Multi-Agent Challenge (SMAC) as a benchmark problem to fill this gap.

SMAC Starcraft +1

STARDATA: A StarCraft AI Research Dataset

TorchCraft/StarData 7 Aug 2017

We provide full game state data along with the original replays that can be viewed in StarCraft.

Imitation Learning Starcraft

A Dataset for StarCraft AI \& an Example of Armies Clustering

TorchCraft/StarData 19 Nov 2012

We evaluated this clustering method by predicting the outcomes of battles based on armies compositions' mixtures components


Multi-platform Version of StarCraft: Brood War in a Docker Container: Technical Report

Games-and-Simulations/sc-docker 7 Jan 2018

We present a dockerized version of a real-time strategy game StarCraft: Brood War, commonly used as a domain for AI research, with a pre-installed collection of AI developement tools supporting all the major types of StarCraft bots.


MSC: A Dataset for Macro-Management in StarCraft II

wuhuikai/MSC 9 Oct 2017

We also split MSC into training, validation and test set for the convenience of evaluation and comparison.

Starcraft Starcraft II

Deep RTS: A Game Environment for Deep Reinforcement Learning in Real-Time Strategy Games

cair/DeepRTS 15 Aug 2018

Reinforcement learning (RL) is an area of research that has blossomed tremendously in recent years and has shown remarkable potential for artificial intelligence based opponents in computer games.

Starcraft Starcraft II

Clear the Fog: Combat Value Assessment in Incomplete Information Games with Convolutional Encoder-Decoders

TeamSAIDA/SAIDA 30 Nov 2018

StarCraft, one of the most popular real-time strategy games, is a compelling environment for artificial intelligence research for both micro-level unit control and macro-level strategic decision making.

Decision Making Starcraft