Vocal Bursts Type Prediction

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predict the type of given vocal bursts


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Context-Dependent Fine-Grained Entity Type Tagging

shanzhenren/AFET 3 Dec 2014

We propose the task of context-dependent fine type tagging, where the set of acceptable labels for a mention is restricted to only those deducible from the local context (e. g. sentence or document).

Label Noise Reduction in Entity Typing by Heterogeneous Partial-Label Embedding

shanzhenren/PLE 17 Feb 2016

Current systems of fine-grained entity typing use distant supervision in conjunction with existing knowledge bases to assign categories (type labels) to entity mentions.

Neural Fine-Grained Entity Type Classification with Hierarchy-Aware Loss

billy-inn/NFETC NAACL 2018

The task of Fine-grained Entity Type Classification (FETC) consists of assigning types from a hierarchy to entity mentions in text.

SeizureNet: Multi-Spectral Deep Feature Learning for Seizure Type Classification

IBM/seizure-type-classification-tuh 8 Mar 2019

Automatic classification of epileptic seizure types in electroencephalograms (EEGs) data can enable more precise diagnosis and efficient management of the disease.

Ludwig: a type-based declarative deep learning toolbox

uber/ludwig 17 Sep 2019

In this work we present Ludwig, a flexible, extensible and easy to use toolbox which allows users to train deep learning models and use them for obtaining predictions without writing code.

Typilus: Neural Type Hints

typilus/typilus 6 Apr 2020

The network uses deep similarity learning to learn a TypeSpace -- a continuous relaxation of the discrete space of types -- and how to embed the type properties of a symbol (i. e. identifier) into it.

Vehicle and License Plate Recognition with Novel Dataset for Toll Collection

usama-x930/vt-lpr 11 Feb 2022

The best Mean Average Precision (mAP@0. 5) of 98. 8% for vehicle type recognition, 98. 5% for license plate detection, and 98. 3% for license plate reading is achieved by YOLOv4, while its lighter version, i. e., Tiny YOLOv4 obtained a mAP of 97. 1%, 97. 4%, and 93. 7% on vehicle type recognition, license plate detection, and license plate reading, respectively.

Car Type Recognition with Deep Neural Networks

Valentin4869/BinCNN 23 Feb 2016

In this paper we study automatic recognition of cars of four types: Bus, Truck, Van and Small car.

Cross-type Biomedical Named Entity Recognition with Deep Multi-Task Learning

yuzhimanhua/lm-lstm-crf 30 Jan 2018

Motivation: State-of-the-art biomedical named entity recognition (BioNER) systems often require handcrafted features specific to each entity type, such as genes, chemicals and diseases.

Learning Type-Aware Embeddings for Fashion Compatibility

mvasil/fashion-compatibility ECCV 2018

Outfits in online fashion data are composed of items of many different types (e. g. top, bottom, shoes) that share some stylistic relationship with one another.