GraphCast: Learning skillful medium-range global weather forecasting

deepmind/graphcast 24 Dec 2022

Global medium-range weather forecasting is critical to decision-making across many social and economic domains.

Decision Making Weather Forecasting

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Instruction Tuning with Human Curriculum

imoneoi/openchat 14 Oct 2023

The dominant paradigm for instruction tuning is the random-shuffled training of maximally diverse instruction-response pairs.

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InRank: Incremental Low-Rank Learning

jiaweizzhao/inrank 20 Jun 2023

To remedy this, we design a new training algorithm Incremental Low-Rank Learning (InRank), which explicitly expresses cumulative weight updates as low-rank matrices while incrementally augmenting their ranks during training.

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LucidDreamer: Towards High-Fidelity Text-to-3D Generation via Interval Score Matching

envision-research/luciddreamer 19 Nov 2023

The recent advancements in text-to-3D generation mark a significant milestone in generative models, unlocking new possibilities for creating imaginative 3D assets across various real-world scenarios.

Text to 3D

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Diffuse, Attend, and Segment: Unsupervised Zero-Shot Segmentation using Stable Diffusion

google/diffseg 23 Aug 2023

The proposed method does not require any training or language dependency to extract quality segmentation for any images.

Segmentation Semantic Segmentation +2

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minimax: Efficient Baselines for Autocurricula in JAX

facebookresearch/minimax 21 Nov 2023

This compute requirement is a major obstacle to rapid innovation for the field.

Decision Making

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Visual In-Context Prompting

ux-decoder/dinov 22 Nov 2023

In-context prompting in large language models (LLMs) has become a prevalent approach to improve zero-shot capabilities, but this idea is less explored in the vision domain.

Segmentation Visual Prompting

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Improving Sample Quality of Diffusion Models Using Self-Attention Guidance

lllyasviel/fooocus ICCV 2023

Denoising diffusion models (DDMs) have attracted attention for their exceptional generation quality and diversity.

Denoising Image Generation

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A Survey of Graph Meets Large Language Model: Progress and Future Directions

yhLeeee/Awesome-LLMs-in-Graph-tasks 21 Nov 2023

First of all, we propose a new taxonomy, which organizes existing methods into three categories based on the role (i. e., enhancer, predictor, and alignment component) played by LLMs in graph-related tasks.

Language Modelling Large Language Model

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Igniting Language Intelligence: The Hitchhiker's Guide From Chain-of-Thought Reasoning to Language Agents

zoeyyao27/cot-igniting-agent 20 Nov 2023

Large language models (LLMs) have dramatically enhanced the field of language intelligence, as demonstrably evidenced by their formidable empirical performance across a spectrum of complex reasoning tasks.

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