Suppressing Uncertainties for Large-Scale Facial Expression Recognition

RainbowRui/Landmark-Driven-Facial-Expression-Recognition CVPR 2020

Annotating a qualitative large-scale facial expression dataset is extremely difficult due to the uncertainties caused by ambiguous facial expressions, low-quality facial images, and the subjectiveness of annotators.

Facial Expression Recognition

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Learning Multiple Stock Trading Patterns with Temporal Routing Adaptor and Optimal Transport

microsoft/qlib 24 Jun 2021

In this paper, we propose a novel architecture, Temporal Routing Adaptor (TRA), to empower existing stock prediction models with the ability to model multiple stock trading patterns.

Stock Prediction

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PnP-DETR: Towards Efficient Visual Analysis with Transformers

twangnh/pnp-detr 15 Sep 2021

Recently, DETR pioneered the solution of vision tasks with transformers, it directly translates the image feature map into the object detection result.

Object Detection Panoptic Segmentation

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Anchor DETR: Query Design for Transformer-Based Detector

megvii-model/anchordetr 15 Sep 2021

Thanks to the query design and the attention variant, the proposed detector that we called Anchor DETR, can achieve better performance and run faster than the DETR with 10$\times$ fewer training epochs.

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Recurrent Multi-view Alignment Network for Unsupervised Surface Registration

WanquanF/RMA-Net CVPR 2021

Learning non-rigid registration in an end-to-end manner is challenging due to the inherent high degrees of freedom and the lack of labeled training data.

Deformable Object Manipulation Neural Rendering +1

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Constant Curvature Graph Convolutional Networks

alibaba/Curvature-Learning-Framework ICML 2020

Interest has been rising lately towards methods representing data in non-Euclidean spaces, e. g. hyperbolic or spherical, that provide specific inductive biases useful for certain real-world data properties, e. g. scale-free, hierarchical or cyclical.

Node Classification

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Benchmarking the Spectrum of Agent Capabilities

danijar/crafter 14 Sep 2021

We hope that Crafter will accelerate research progress by quickly evaluating a wide spectrum of abilities.

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Learning to Prompt for Vision-Language Models

kaiyangzhou/coop 2 Sep 2021

It shifts from the tradition of using images and discrete labels for learning a fixed set of weights, seen as visual concepts, to aligning images and raw text for two separate encoders.

Representation Learning

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Resolution-robust Large Mask Inpainting with Fourier Convolutions

saic-mdal/lama 15 Sep 2021

We find that one of the main reasons for that is the lack of an effective receptive field in both the inpainting network and the loss function.

Image Inpainting

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Cross-Modality Paired-Images Generation for RGB-Infrared Person Re-Identification

wangguanan/JSIA-ReID 10 Feb 2020

Second, given cross-modality unpaired-images of a person, our method can generate cross-modality paired images from exchanged images.

Person Re-Identification

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