ByT5: Towards a token-free future with pre-trained byte-to-byte models

Most widely-used pre-trained language models operate on sequences of tokens corresponding to word or subword units. Encoding text as a sequence of tokens requires a tokenizer, which is typically created as an independent artifact from the model... Token-free models that instead operate directly on raw text (bytes or characters) have many benefits: they can process text in any language out of the box, they are more robust to noise, and they minimize technical debt by removing complex and error-prone text preprocessing pipelines. Since byte or character sequences are longer than token sequences, past work on token-free models has often introduced new model architectures designed to amortize the cost of operating directly on raw text. In this paper, we show that a standard Transformer architecture can be used with minimal modifications to process byte sequences. We carefully characterize the trade-offs in terms of parameter count, training FLOPs, and inference speed, and show that byte-level models are competitive with their token-level counterparts. We also demonstrate that byte-level models are significantly more robust to noise and perform better on tasks that are sensitive to spelling and pronunciation. As part of our contribution, we release a new set of pre-trained byte-level Transformer models based on the T5 architecture, as well as all code and data used in our experiments. read more

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Extreme Summarization GEM-XSum mT5 BLEU score 14.3 # 2
Extreme Summarization GEM-XSum ByT5 BLEU score 15.3 # 1
Cross-Lingual Question Answering MLQA ByT5 XXL EM 54.9 # 1
F1 71.6 # 1
Cross-Lingual Paraphrase Identification PAWS-X ByT5 Small Accuracy 84 # 4
Cross-Lingual Paraphrase Identification PAWS-X ByT5 XXL Accuracy 90.1 # 1
Question Answering TweetQA ByT5 ROUGE-L 75.7 # 1
Question Answering TweetQA ByT5 (small) BLEU-1 72.0 # 1
Question Answering TweetQA mT5 BLEU-1 70.8 # 2
ROUGE-L 74.3 # 2
Cross-Lingual Question Answering TyDiQA-GoldP ByT5 XXL EM 60.0 # 1
F1 75.3 # 1
Cross-Lingual NER WikiAnn NER ByT5 XXL F1 67.7 # 1
Cross-Lingual Natural Language Inference XNLI ByT5 XXL Accuracy 83.7 # 1
Cross-Lingual Natural Language Inference XNLI ByT5 Small Accuracy 69.1 # 4
Cross-Lingual Question Answering XQuAD ByT5 XXL EM 63.6 # 1
F1 79.7 # 1