HuBo-VLM: Unified Vision-Language Model designed for HUman roBOt interaction tasks

24 Aug 2023  ·  ZiChao Dong, Weikun Zhang, Xufeng Huang, Hang Ji, Xin Zhan, Junbo Chen ·

Human robot interaction is an exciting task, which aimed to guide robots following instructions from human. Since huge gap lies between human natural language and machine codes, end to end human robot interaction models is fair challenging. Further, visual information receiving from sensors of robot is also a hard language for robot to perceive. In this work, HuBo-VLM is proposed to tackle perception tasks associated with human robot interaction including object detection and visual grounding by a unified transformer based vision language model. Extensive experiments on the Talk2Car benchmark demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach. Code would be publicly available in

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Referring Expression Comprehension Talk2Car Udeer_HuBo-VLM AP50 76.74 # 1


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