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Learning Discriminative Representations for Open Relation Extraction with Instance Ranking and Label Calibration

1 code implementation Findings (NAACL) 2022 Shusen Wang, Bin Duan, Yanan Wu, Yajing Xu

In this paper, we propose a novel method based on Instance Ranking and Label Calibration strategies (IRLC) to learn discriminative representations for open relation extraction.

Relation Relation Extraction

ConceptMath: A Bilingual Concept-wise Benchmark for Measuring Mathematical Reasoning of Large Language Models

1 code implementation22 Feb 2024 Yanan Wu, Jie Liu, Xingyuan Bu, Jiaheng Liu, Zhanhui Zhou, Yuanxing Zhang, Chenchen Zhang, Zhiqi Bai, Haibin Chen, Tiezheng Ge, Wanli Ouyang, Wenbo Su, Bo Zheng

This paper introduces ConceptMath, a bilingual (English and Chinese), fine-grained benchmark that evaluates concept-wise mathematical reasoning of Large Language Models (LLMs).

Math Mathematical Reasoning

Test-Time Domain Adaptation by Learning Domain-Aware Batch Normalization

1 code implementation15 Dec 2023 Yanan Wu, Zhixiang Chi, Yang Wang, Konstantinos N. Plataniotis, Songhe Feng

In this work, we propose to reduce such learning interference and elevate the domain knowledge learning by only manipulating the BN layer.

Domain Adaptation Meta-Learning +1

APP: Adaptive Prototypical Pseudo-Labeling for Few-shot OOD Detection

no code implementations20 Oct 2023 Pei Wang, Keqing He, Yutao Mou, Xiaoshuai Song, Yanan Wu, Jingang Wang, Yunsen Xian, Xunliang Cai, Weiran Xu

Detecting out-of-domain (OOD) intents from user queries is essential for a task-oriented dialogue system.

Landmark Detection using Transformer Toward Robot-assisted Nasal Airway Intubation

1 code implementation5 Aug 2023 Tianhang Liu, Hechen Li, Long Bai, Yanan Wu, An Wang, Mobarakol Islam, Hongliang Ren

This paper proposes a transformer-based landmark detection solution with deformable DeTR and the semantic-aligned-matching module for detecting landmarks in robot-assisted intubation.

LLCaps: Learning to Illuminate Low-Light Capsule Endoscopy with Curved Wavelet Attention and Reverse Diffusion

1 code implementation5 Jul 2023 Long Bai, Tong Chen, Yanan Wu, An Wang, Mobarakol Islam, Hongliang Ren

Given the exuberant development of the denoising diffusion probabilistic model (DDPM) in computer vision, we introduce a WCE LLIE framework based on the multi-scale convolutional neural network (CNN) and reverse diffusion process.

Denoising Low-Light Image Enhancement

Semantic-Aware Graph Matching Mechanism for Multi-Label Image Recognition

1 code implementation21 Apr 2023 Yanan Wu, Songhe Feng, Yang Wang

In this paper, we treat each image as a bag of instances, and formulate the task of multi-label image recognition as an instance-label matching selection problem.

Few-Shot Learning Graph Matching

Two-stage Contextual Transformer-based Convolutional Neural Network for Airway Extraction from CT Images

1 code implementation15 Dec 2022 Yanan Wu, Shuiqing Zhao, Shouliang Qi, Jie Feng, Haowen Pang, Runsheng Chang, Long Bai, Mengqi Li, Shuyue Xia, Wei Qian, Hongliang Ren

In the first stage, the total airway mask and CT images are provided to the subnetwork, and the intrapulmonary airway mask and corresponding CT scans to the subnetwork in the second stage.

Computed Tomography (CT) Decoder +1

UniNL: Aligning Representation Learning with Scoring Function for OOD Detection via Unified Neighborhood Learning

1 code implementation19 Oct 2022 Yutao Mou, Pei Wang, Keqing He, Yanan Wu, Jingang Wang, Wei Wu, Weiran Xu

Specifically, we design a K-nearest neighbor contrastive learning (KNCL) objective for representation learning and introduce a KNN-based scoring function for OOD detection.

Contrastive Learning Out of Distribution (OOD) Detection +2

Disentangling Confidence Score Distribution for Out-of-Domain Intent Detection with Energy-Based Learning

no code implementations17 Oct 2022 Yanan Wu, Zhiyuan Zeng, Keqing He, Yutao Mou, Pei Wang, Yuanmeng Yan, Weiran Xu

In this paper, we propose a simple but strong energy-based score function to detect OOD where the energy scores of OOD samples are higher than IND samples.

Intent Detection Out of Distribution (OOD) Detection

Watch the Neighbors: A Unified K-Nearest Neighbor Contrastive Learning Framework for OOD Intent Discovery

1 code implementation17 Oct 2022 Yutao Mou, Keqing He, Pei Wang, Yanan Wu, Jingang Wang, Wei Wu, Weiran Xu

For OOD clustering stage, we propose a KCC method to form compact clusters by mining true hard negative samples, which bridges the gap between clustering and representation learning.

Clustering Contrastive Learning +3

Distribution Calibration for Out-of-Domain Detection with Bayesian Approximation

1 code implementation COLING 2022 Yanan Wu, Zhiyuan Zeng, Keqing He, Yutao Mou, Pei Wang, Weiran Xu

Out-of-Domain (OOD) detection is a key component in a task-oriented dialog system, which aims to identify whether a query falls outside the predefined supported intent set.

Out of Distribution (OOD) Detection

Domain-Oriented Prefix-Tuning: Towards Efficient and Generalizable Fine-tuning for Zero-Shot Dialogue Summarization

1 code implementation NAACL 2022 Lulu Zhao, Fujia Zheng, Weihao Zeng, Keqing He, Weiran Xu, Huixing Jiang, Wei Wu, Yanan Wu

The most advanced abstractive dialogue summarizers lack generalization ability on new domains and the existing researches for domain adaptation in summarization generally rely on large-scale pre-trainings.

Domain Adaptation

Dynamically Disentangling Social Bias from Task-Oriented Representations with Adversarial Attack

1 code implementation NAACL 2021 LiWen Wang, Yuanmeng Yan, Keqing He, Yanan Wu, Weiran Xu

In this paper, we propose an adversarial disentangled debiasing model to dynamically decouple social bias attributes from the intermediate representations trained on the main task.

Adversarial Attack Representation Learning

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