3D Reconstruction

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Image: Gwak et al

Greatest papers with code

Structure-From-Motion Revisited

colmap/colmap CVPR 2016

Incremental Structure-from-Motion is a prevalent strategy for 3D reconstruction from unordered image collections.

3D Reconstruction Structure from Motion

Large-Scale 3D Shape Reconstruction and Segmentation from ShapeNet Core55

facebookresearch/SparseConvNet 17 Oct 2017

We introduce a large-scale 3D shape understanding benchmark using data and annotation from ShapeNet 3D object database.

3D Part Segmentation 3D Reconstruction +1

Atlas: End-to-End 3D Scene Reconstruction from Posed Images

magicleap/Atlas ECCV 2020

Traditional approaches to 3D reconstruction rely on an intermediate representation of depth maps prior to estimating a full 3D model of a scene.

3D Reconstruction 3D Scene Reconstruction +1

Weakly supervised 3D Reconstruction with Adversarial Constraint

chrischoy/3D-R2N2 31 May 2017

Supervised 3D reconstruction has witnessed a significant progress through the use of deep neural networks.

3D Reconstruction

3D-R2N2: A Unified Approach for Single and Multi-view 3D Object Reconstruction

chrischoy/3D-R2N2 2 Apr 2016

Inspired by the recent success of methods that employ shape priors to achieve robust 3D reconstructions, we propose a novel recurrent neural network architecture that we call the 3D Recurrent Reconstruction Neural Network (3D-R2N2).

3D Object Reconstruction 3D Reconstruction

Kimera: from SLAM to Spatial Perception with 3D Dynamic Scene Graphs

MIT-SPARK/Kimera 18 Jan 2021

This mental model captures geometric and semantic aspects of the scene, describes the environment at multiple levels of abstractions (e. g., objects, rooms, buildings), includes static and dynamic entities and their relations (e. g., a person is in a room at a given time).

3D Reconstruction Object Localization +2

3D Dynamic Scene Graphs: Actionable Spatial Perception with Places, Objects, and Humans

MIT-SPARK/Kimera 15 Feb 2020

Our second contribution is to provide the first fully automatic Spatial PerceptIon eNgine(SPIN) to build a DSG from visual-inertial data.

3D Reconstruction Human Detection +3

Kimera: an Open-Source Library for Real-Time Metric-Semantic Localization and Mapping

MIT-SPARK/Kimera 6 Oct 2019

We provide an open-source C++ library for real-time metric-semantic visual-inertial Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM).

3D Reconstruction Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Incremental Visual-Inertial 3D Mesh Generation with Structural Regularities

MIT-SPARK/Kimera 4 Mar 2019

We propose instead to tightly couple mesh regularization and state estimation by detecting and enforcing structural regularities in a novel factor-graph formulation.

3D Reconstruction Simultaneous Localization and Mapping