Object Tracking

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Object tracking is the task of taking an initial set of object detections, creating a unique ID for each of the initial detections, and then tracking each of the objects as they move around frames in a video, maintaining the ID assignment.

( Image credit: Towards-Realtime-MOT )

Greatest papers with code

Unsupervised Learning of Object Structure and Dynamics from Videos

google-research/google-research NeurIPS 2019

Extracting and predicting object structure and dynamics from videos without supervision is a major challenge in machine learning.

Action Recognition Continuous Control +2

SMOT: Single-Shot Multi Object Tracking

dmlc/gluon-cv 30 Oct 2020

We combine this scheme with SSD detectors by proposing a novel tracking anchor assignment module.

Multi-Object Tracking

Simple Online and Realtime Tracking with a Deep Association Metric

nwojke/deep_sort 21 Mar 2017

Simple Online and Realtime Tracking (SORT) is a pragmatic approach to multiple object tracking with a focus on simple, effective algorithms.

Large-Scale Person Re-Identification Multiple Object Tracking +1

Fast Online Object Tracking and Segmentation: A Unifying Approach

foolwood/SiamMask CVPR 2019

In this paper we illustrate how to perform both visual object tracking and semi-supervised video object segmentation, in real-time, with a single simple approach.

Real-Time Visual Tracking Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation +2

FairMOT: On the Fairness of Detection and Re-Identification in Multiple Object Tracking

ifzhang/FairMOT 4 Apr 2020

There has been remarkable progress on object detection and re-identification (re-ID) in recent years which are the key components of multi-object tracking.

 Ranked #1 on Multi-Object Tracking on 2DMOT15 (using extra training data)

Fairness Multi-Object Tracking +2

Simple Online and Realtime Tracking

abewley/sort 2 Feb 2016

This paper explores a pragmatic approach to multiple object tracking where the main focus is to associate objects efficiently for online and realtime applications.

Multiple Object Tracking

Towards Real-Time Multi-Object Tracking

Zhongdao/Towards-Realtime-MOT ECCV 2020

In this paper, we propose an MOT system that allows target detection and appearance embedding to be learned in a shared model.

Ranked #9 on Multi-Object Tracking on MOT16 (using extra training data)

Multiple Object Tracking Multi-Task Learning +1

Know Your Surroundings: Exploiting Scene Information for Object Tracking

visionml/pytracking ECCV 2020

Such approaches are however prone to fail in case of e. g. fast appearance changes or presence of distractor objects, where a target appearance model alone is insufficient for robust tracking.

Object Tracking