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Robotic Pick-and-Place of Novel Objects in Clutter with Multi-Affordance Grasping and Cross-Domain Image Matching

3 Oct 2017andyzeng/arc-robot-vision

This paper presents a robotic pick-and-place system that is capable of grasping and recognizing both known and novel objects in cluttered environments. Since product images are readily available for a wide range of objects (e.g., from the web), the system works out-of-the-box for novel objects without requiring any additional training data.


The RobotriX: An eXtremely Photorealistic and Very-Large-Scale Indoor Dataset of Sequences with Robot Trajectories and Interactions

19 Jan 20193dperceptionlab/therobotrix

Enter the RobotriX, an extremely photorealistic indoor dataset designed to enable the application of deep learning techniques to a wide variety of robotic vision problems. The RobotriX consists of hyperrealistic indoor scenes which are explored by robot agents which also interact with objects in a visually realistic manner in that simulated world.


A Fast Method For Computing Principal Curvatures From Range Images

3 Jul 2017aspek1/QuadricCurvature

Estimation of surface curvature from range data is important for a range of tasks in computer vision and robotics, object segmentation, object recognition and robotic grasping estimation. In particular we compare our method to several alternatives to demonstrate the improvement.


Deep Reinforcement Learning for Vision-Based Robotic Grasping: A Simulated Comparative Evaluation of Off-Policy Methods

28 Feb 2018mveres01/deepq-grasping

In this paper, we explore deep reinforcement learning algorithms for vision-based robotic grasping. Model-free deep reinforcement learning (RL) has been successfully applied to a range of challenging environments, but the proliferation of algorithms makes it difficult to discern which particular approach would be best suited for a rich, diverse task like grasping.