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Greatest papers with code

PyRobot: An Open-source Robotics Framework for Research and Benchmarking

facebookresearch/pyrobot 19 Jun 2019

This paper introduces PyRobot, an open-source robotics framework for research and benchmarking.

Robotic Grasping Robot Navigation +1

Transferring End-to-End Visuomotor Control from Simulation to Real World for a Multi-Stage Task

stepjam/PyRep 7 Jul 2017

End-to-end control for robot manipulation and grasping is emerging as an attractive alternative to traditional pipelined approaches.

Robotic Grasping

IKEA Furniture Assembly Environment for Long-Horizon Complex Manipulation Tasks

clvrai/furniture 17 Nov 2019

The IKEA Furniture Assembly Environment is one of the first benchmarks for testing and accelerating the automation of complex manipulation tasks.

Industrial Robots Robotic Grasping

Robotic Pick-and-Place of Novel Objects in Clutter with Multi-Affordance Grasping and Cross-Domain Image Matching

andyzeng/arc-robot-vision 3 Oct 2017

Since product images are readily available for a wide range of objects (e. g., from the web), the system works out-of-the-box for novel objects without requiring any additional training data.

Image Classification Robotic Grasping

Antipodal Robotic Grasping using Generative Residual Convolutional Neural Network

skumra/robotic-grasping 11 Sep 2019

In this paper, we present a modular robotic system to tackle the problem of generating and performing antipodal robotic grasps for unknown objects from n-channel image of the scene.

Robotic Grasping

Grasping Field: Learning Implicit Representations for Human Grasps

korrawe/grasping_field 10 Aug 2020

Specifically, our generative model is able to synthesize high-quality human grasps, given only on a 3D object point cloud.

3D Object Reconstruction Grasp Generation +1

The RobotriX: An eXtremely Photorealistic and Very-Large-Scale Indoor Dataset of Sequences with Robot Trajectories and Interactions

3dperceptionlab/therobotrix 19 Jan 2019

Enter the RobotriX, an extremely photorealistic indoor dataset designed to enable the application of deep learning techniques to a wide variety of robotic vision problems.

Robotic Grasping Virtual Reality

The CoSTAR Block Stacking Dataset: Learning with Workspace Constraints

jhu-lcsr/costar_plan 27 Oct 2018

We show that a mild relaxation of the task and workspace constraints implicit in existing object grasping datasets can cause neural network based grasping algorithms to fail on even a simple block stacking task when executed under more realistic circumstances.

6D Pose Estimation using RGBD Industrial Robots +5

Contact-GraspNet: Efficient 6-DoF Grasp Generation in Cluttered Scenes

NVlabs/contact_graspnet 25 Mar 2021

Our novel grasp representation treats 3D points of the recorded point cloud as potential grasp contacts.

Grasp Generation Robotic Grasping