Task and Motion Planning

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STRIPS Planning in Infinite Domains

caelan/stripstream 1 Jan 2017

We introduce STRIPStream: an extension of the STRIPS language which can model these domains by supporting the specification of blackbox generators to handle complex constraints.

AutoTAMP: Autoregressive Task and Motion Planning with LLMs as Translators and Checkers

yongchao98/autotamp 10 Jun 2023

Rather than using LLMs to directly plan task sub-goals, we instead perform few-shot translation from natural language task descriptions to an intermediate task representation that can then be consumed by a TAMP algorithm to jointly solve the task and motion plan.

Active model learning and diverse action sampling for task and motion planning

zi-w/Kitchen2D 2 Mar 2018

Solving long-horizon problems in complex domains requires flexible generative planning that can combine primitive abilities in novel combinations to solve problems as they arise in the world.

Learning to combine primitive skills: A step towards versatile robotic manipulation

rstrudel/rlbc 2 Aug 2019

Manipulation tasks such as preparing a meal or assembling furniture remain highly challenging for robotics and vision.

Learning compositional models of robot skills for task and motion planning

caelan/pddlstream 8 Jun 2020

We use, and develop novel improvements on, state-of-the-art methods for active learning and sampling.

CAMPs: Learning Context-Specific Abstractions for Efficient Planning in Factored MDPs

tomsilver/camps 26 Jul 2020

A general meta-planning strategy is to learn to impose constraints on the states considered and actions taken by the agent.

Planning with Learned Object Importance in Large Problem Instances using Graph Neural Networks

tomsilver/ploi 11 Sep 2020

We conclude that learning to predict a sufficient set of objects for a planning problem is a simple, powerful, and general mechanism for planning in large instances.

Learning Symbolic Operators for Task and Motion Planning

ronuchit/LOFT_IROS_2021 28 Feb 2021

We then propose a bottom-up relational learning method for operator learning and show how the learned operators can be used for planning in a TAMP system.

Extended Tree Search for Robot Task and Motion Planning

ttianyuren/eTAMP 9 Mar 2021

Moreover, we effectively combine this skeleton space with the resultant motion variable spaces into a single extended decision space.