Text-Guided Synthesis of Artistic Images with Retrieval-Augmented Diffusion Models

compvis/latent-diffusion 26 Jul 2022

In RDMs, a set of nearest neighbors is retrieved from an external database during training for each training instance, and the diffusion model is conditioned on these informative samples.

Image Generation Prompt Engineering

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Collaborative Neural Rendering using Anime Character Sheets

megvii-research/conr 12 Jul 2022

Drawing images of characters at desired poses is an essential but laborious task in anime production.

Neural Rendering

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Multi-Scale 2D Temporal Adjacent Networks for Moment Localization with Natural Language

microsoft/2D-TAN 4 Dec 2020

It is a challenging problem because a target moment may take place in the context of other temporal moments in the untrimmed video.

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FRA-RIR: Fast Random Approximation of the Image-source Method

yluo42/fra-rir 8 Aug 2022

The training of modern speech processing systems often requires a large amount of simulated room impulse response (RIR) data in order to allow the systems to generalize well in real-world, reverberant environments.

Denoising Speech Denoising

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Expanding Language-Image Pretrained Models for General Video Recognition

microsoft/VideoX 4 Aug 2022

Extensive experiments demonstrate that our approach is effective and can be generalized to different video recognition scenarios.

Action Classification Action Recognition +2

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Package for Fast ABC-Boost

pltrees/abcboost 18 Jul 2022

Although the gain formula in Li (2010) was derived for logistic regression loss, it is a generic formula for loss functions with second-derivatives.

Multi-class Classification

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GAUDI: A Neural Architect for Immersive 3D Scene Generation

apple/ml-gaudi 27 Jul 2022

We introduce GAUDI, a generative model capable of capturing the distribution of complex and realistic 3D scenes that can be rendered immersively from a moving camera.

Image Generation Scene Generation

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Deepchecks: A Library for Testing and Validating Machine Learning Models and Data

deepchecks/deepchecks 16 Mar 2022

This paper presents Deepchecks, a Python library for comprehensively validating machine learning models and data.

BIG-bench Machine Learning

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Architecture-Agnostic Masked Image Modeling -- From ViT back to CNN

Westlake-AI/openmixup 27 May 2022

We observe that MIM essentially teaches the model to learn better middle-level interactions among patches and extract more generalized features.

Image Classification Self-Supervised Learning

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Quantum Technologies

ml4qtech/collection 7 Aug 2022

In recent years, the dramatic progress in machine learning has begun to impact many areas of science and technology significantly.

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