Visual Odometry

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Visual Odometry is an important area of information fusion in which the central aim is to estimate the pose of a robot using data collected by visual sensors.

Source: Bi-objective Optimization for Robust RGB-D Visual Odometry

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ORB-SLAM2: an Open-Source SLAM System for Monocular, Stereo and RGB-D Cameras

raulmur/ORB_SLAM2 20 Oct 2016

We present ORB-SLAM2 a complete SLAM system for monocular, stereo and RGB-D cameras, including map reuse, loop closing and relocalization capabilities.

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Visual Odometry

A General Optimization-based Framework for Local Odometry Estimation with Multiple Sensors

HKUST-Aerial-Robotics/VINS-Fusion 11 Jan 2019

We validate the performance of our system on public datasets and through real-world experiments with multiple sensors.

Visual Odometry

Direct Sparse Odometry

JakobEngel/dso 9 Jul 2016

We propose a novel direct sparse visual odometry formulation.

Visual Odometry

Neural Ray Surfaces for Self-Supervised Learning of Depth and Ego-motion

TRI-ML/packnet-sfm 15 Aug 2020

Self-supervised learning has emerged as a powerful tool for depth and ego-motion estimation, leading to state-of-the-art results on benchmark datasets.

Depth Estimation Motion Estimation +2

Learning Depth from Monocular Videos using Direct Methods

yzcjtr/GeoNet CVPR 2018

The ability to predict depth from a single image - using recent advances in CNNs - is of increasing interest to the vision community.

Depth And Camera Motion Visual Odometry

Unsupervised Scale-consistent Depth and Ego-motion Learning from Monocular Video

JiawangBian/SC-SfMLearner-Release NeurIPS 2019

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first work to show that deep networks trained using unlabelled monocular videos can predict globally scale-consistent camera trajectories over a long video sequence.

Depth And Camera Motion Monocular Depth Estimation +1

PL-SLAM: a Stereo SLAM System through the Combination of Points and Line Segments

rubengooj/pl-slam 26 May 2017

This paper proposes PL-SLAM, a stereo visual SLAM system that combines both points and line segments to work robustly in a wider variety of scenarios, particularly in those where point features are scarce or not well-distributed in the image.

Visual Odometry

gvnn: Neural Network Library for Geometric Computer Vision

ankurhanda/gvnn 25 Jul 2016

We introduce gvnn, a neural network library in Torch aimed towards bridging the gap between classic geometric computer vision and deep learning.

Image Reconstruction Visual Odometry

The Double Sphere Camera Model

VladyslavUsenko/basalt-mirror 24 Jul 2018

We evaluate the model using a calibration dataset with several different lenses and compare the models using the metrics that are relevant for Visual Odometry, i. e., reprojection error, as well as computation time for projection and unprojection functions and their Jacobians.

3D Reconstruction Autonomous Driving +2

The TUM VI Benchmark for Evaluating Visual-Inertial Odometry

VladyslavUsenko/basalt-mirror 17 Apr 2018

For trajectory evaluation, we also provide accurate pose ground truth from a motion capture system at high frequency (120 Hz) at the start and end of the sequences which we accurately aligned with the camera and IMU measurements.

Motion Capture Visual Odometry