3D Gaussian Splatting for Real-Time Radiance Field Rendering

graphdeco-inria/gaussian-splatting 8 Aug 2023

Radiance Field methods have recently revolutionized novel-view synthesis of scenes captured with multiple photos or videos.

Camera Calibration Novel View Synthesis

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Demonstrate-Search-Predict: Composing retrieval and language models for knowledge-intensive NLP

stanfordnlp/dspy 28 Dec 2022

Retrieval-augmented in-context learning has emerged as a powerful approach for addressing knowledge-intensive tasks using frozen language models (LM) and retrieval models (RM).

Language Modelling Question Answering +1

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FreeU: Free Lunch in Diffusion U-Net

ChenyangSi/FreeU 20 Sep 2023

In this paper, we uncover the untapped potential of diffusion U-Net, which serves as a "free lunch" that substantially improves the generation quality on the fly.

Denoising Video Generation

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DreamGaussian: Generative Gaussian Splatting for Efficient 3D Content Creation

dreamgaussian/dreamgaussian 28 Sep 2023

In contrast to the occupancy pruning used in Neural Radiance Fields, we demonstrate that the progressive densification of 3D Gaussians converges significantly faster for 3D generative tasks.

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Agents: An Open-source Framework for Autonomous Language Agents

aiwaves-cn/agents 14 Sep 2023

Recent advances on large language models (LLMs) enable researchers and developers to build autonomous language agents that can automatically solve various tasks and interact with environments, humans, and other agents using natural language interfaces.

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QA-LoRA: Quantization-Aware Low-Rank Adaptation of Large Language Models

yuhuixu1993/qa-lora 26 Sep 2023

Recently years have witnessed a rapid development of large language models (LLMs).


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Colossal-Auto: Unified Automation of Parallelization and Activation Checkpoint for Large-scale Models

hpcaitech/colossalai 6 Feb 2023

To address these challenges, we introduce a system that can jointly optimize distributed execution and gradient checkpointing plans.


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Gold-YOLO: Efficient Object Detector via Gather-and-Distribute Mechanism

huawei-noah/Efficient-Computing 20 Sep 2023

In the past years, YOLO-series models have emerged as the leading approaches in the area of real-time object detection.

object-detection Real-Time Object Detection

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UnitedHuman: Harnessing Multi-Source Data for High-Resolution Human Generation

unitedhuman/unitedhuman ICCV 2023

A holistic human dataset inevitably has insufficient and low-resolution information on local parts.

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