Baichuan 2: Open Large-scale Language Models

baichuan-inc/baichuan2 19 Sep 2023

Large language models (LLMs) have demonstrated remarkable performance on a variety of natural language tasks based on just a few examples of natural language instructions, reducing the need for extensive feature engineering.

Feature Engineering GSM8K

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3D Gaussian Splatting for Real-Time Radiance Field Rendering

graphdeco-inria/gaussian-splatting 8 Aug 2023

Radiance Field methods have recently revolutionized novel-view synthesis of scenes captured with multiple photos or videos.

Camera Calibration Novel View Synthesis

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OverFlow: Putting flows on top of neural transducers for better TTS

coqui-ai/TTS 13 Nov 2022

Neural HMMs are a type of neural transducer recently proposed for sequence-to-sequence modelling in text-to-speech.

Ranked #11 on Text-To-Speech Synthesis on LJSpeech (using extra training data)

Normalising Flows Speech Synthesis +1

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MMICL: Empowering Vision-language Model with Multi-Modal In-Context Learning

haozhezhao/mic 14 Sep 2023

Specifically, the current VLMs primarily emphasize utilizing multi-modal data with a single image some, rather than multi-modal prompts with interleaved multiple images and text.

Language Modelling

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LayoutNUWA: Revealing the Hidden Layout Expertise of Large Language Models

projectnuwa/layoutnuwa 18 Sep 2023

Graphic layout generation, a growing research field, plays a significant role in user engagement and information perception.

Code Completion Code Generation

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InstaFlow: One Step is Enough for High-Quality Diffusion-Based Text-to-Image Generation

gnobitab/instaflow 12 Sep 2023

Leveraging our new pipeline, we create, to the best of our knowledge, the first one-step diffusion-based text-to-image generator with SD-level image quality, achieving an FID (Frechet Inception Distance) of $23. 3$ on MS COCO 2017-5k, surpassing the previous state-of-the-art technique, progressive distillation, by a significant margin ($37. 2$ $\rightarrow$ $23. 3$ in FID).

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GPTFUZZER : Red Teaming Large Language Models with Auto-Generated Jailbreak Prompts

sherdencooper/gptfuzz 19 Sep 2023

Notably, even starting with suboptimal seed templates, \fuzzer maintains over 90\% attack success rate against ChatGPT and Llama-2 models.

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Focused Transformer: Contrastive Training for Context Scaling

cstankonrad/long_llama 6 Jul 2023

This novel approach enhances the structure of the (key, value) space, enabling an extension of the context length.

Contrastive Learning Retrieval

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EfficientViT: Lightweight Multi-Scale Attention for On-Device Semantic Segmentation

mit-han-lab/efficientvit 29 May 2022

Unlike prior semantic segmentation models that rely on heavy self-attention, hardware-inefficient large-kernel convolution, or complicated topology structure to obtain good performances, our lightweight multi-scale attention achieves a global receptive field and multi-scale learning (two critical features for semantic segmentation models) with only lightweight and hardware-efficient operations.

Autonomous Driving Image Classification +3

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OmniQuant: Omnidirectionally Calibrated Quantization for Large Language Models

opengvlab/omniquant 25 Aug 2023

To tackle this issue, we introduce an Omnidirectionally calibrated Quantization (OmniQuant) technique for LLMs, which achieves good performance in diverse quantization settings while maintaining the computational efficiency of PTQ by efficiently optimizing various quantization parameters.

Common Sense Reasoning Large Language Model +2

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