CSWin Transformer: A General Vision Transformer Backbone with Cross-Shaped Windows

1 Jul 2021  ·  Xiaoyi Dong, Jianmin Bao, Dongdong Chen, Weiming Zhang, Nenghai Yu, Lu Yuan, Dong Chen, Baining Guo ·

We present CSWin Transformer, an efficient and effective Transformer-based backbone for general-purpose vision tasks. A challenging issue in Transformer design is that global self-attention is very expensive to compute whereas local self-attention often limits the field of interactions of each token. To address this issue, we develop the Cross-Shaped Window self-attention mechanism for computing self-attention in the horizontal and vertical stripes in parallel that form a cross-shaped window, with each stripe obtained by splitting the input feature into stripes of equal width. We provide a mathematical analysis of the effect of the stripe width and vary the stripe width for different layers of the Transformer network which achieves strong modeling capability while limiting the computation cost. We also introduce Locally-enhanced Positional Encoding (LePE), which handles the local positional information better than existing encoding schemes. LePE naturally supports arbitrary input resolutions, and is thus especially effective and friendly for downstream tasks. Incorporated with these designs and a hierarchical structure, CSWin Transformer demonstrates competitive performance on common vision tasks. Specifically, it achieves 85.4\% Top-1 accuracy on ImageNet-1K without any extra training data or label, 53.9 box AP and 46.4 mask AP on the COCO detection task, and 52.2 mIOU on the ADE20K semantic segmentation task, surpassing previous state-of-the-art Swin Transformer backbone by +1.2, +2.0, +1.4, and +2.0 respectively under the similar FLOPs setting. By further pretraining on the larger dataset ImageNet-21K, we achieve 87.5% Top-1 accuracy on ImageNet-1K and high segmentation performance on ADE20K with 55.7 mIoU. The code and models are available at https://github.com/microsoft/CSWin-Transformer.

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Uses Extra
Training Data
Result Benchmark
Semantic Segmentation ADE20K CSWin-L (UperNet, ImageNet-22k pretrain) Validation mIoU 55.7 # 12
Semantic Segmentation ADE20K val CSWin-L (UperNet, ImageNet-22k pretrain) mIoU 55.7 # 11
Image Classification ImageNet CSWin-L (384 res,ImageNet-22k pretrain) Top 1 Accuracy 87.5 # 40
Number of params 173M # 64
Hardware Burden None # 1
Operations per network pass None # 1