MAE-DFER: Efficient Masked Autoencoder for Self-supervised Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition

5 Jul 2023  ·  Licai Sun, Zheng Lian, Bin Liu, JianHua Tao ·

Dynamic facial expression recognition (DFER) is essential to the development of intelligent and empathetic machines. Prior efforts in this field mainly fall into supervised learning paradigm, which is severely restricted by the limited labeled data in existing datasets. Inspired by recent unprecedented success of masked autoencoders (e.g., VideoMAE), this paper proposes MAE-DFER, a novel self-supervised method which leverages large-scale self-supervised pre-training on abundant unlabeled data to largely advance the development of DFER. Since the vanilla Vision Transformer (ViT) employed in VideoMAE requires substantial computation during fine-tuning, MAE-DFER develops an efficient local-global interaction Transformer (LGI-Former) as the encoder. Moreover, in addition to the standalone appearance content reconstruction in VideoMAE, MAE-DFER also introduces explicit temporal facial motion modeling to encourage LGI-Former to excavate both static appearance and dynamic motion information. Extensive experiments on six datasets show that MAE-DFER consistently outperforms state-of-the-art supervised methods by significant margins (e.g., +6.30\% UAR on DFEW and +8.34\% UAR on MAFW), verifying that it can learn powerful dynamic facial representations via large-scale self-supervised pre-training. Besides, it has comparable or even better performance than VideoMAE, while largely reducing the computational cost (about 38\% FLOPs). We believe MAE-DFER has paved a new way for the advancement of DFER and can inspire more relevant research in this field and even other related tasks. Codes and models are publicly available at

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition DFEW MAE-DFER WAR 74.43 # 3
UAR 63.41 # 3
Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition FERV39k MAE-DFER WAR 52.07 # 3
UAR 43.12 # 1
Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition MAFW MAE-DFER WAR 54.31 # 4
UAR 41.62 # 4