Memory-augmented Online Video Anomaly Detection

21 Feb 2023  ·  Leonardo Rossi, Vittorio Bernuzzi, Tomaso Fontanini, Massimo Bertozzi, Andrea Prati ·

The ability to understand the surrounding scene is of paramount importance for Autonomous Vehicles (AVs). This paper presents a system capable to work in an online fashion, giving an immediate response to the arise of anomalies surrounding the AV, exploiting only the videos captured by a dash-mounted camera. Our architecture, called MOVAD, relies on two main modules: a Short-Term Memory Module to extract information related to the ongoing action, implemented by a Video Swin Transformer (VST), and a Long-Term Memory Module injected inside the classifier that considers also remote past information and action context thanks to the use of a Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM) network. The strengths of MOVAD are not only linked to its excellent performance, but also to its straightforward and modular architecture, trained in a end-to-end fashion with only RGB frames with as less assumptions as possible, which makes it easy to implement and play with. We evaluated the performance of our method on Detection of Traffic Anomaly (DoTA) dataset, a challenging collection of dash-mounted camera videos of accidents. After an extensive ablation study, MOVAD is able to reach an AUC score of 82.17\%, surpassing the current state-of-the-art by +2.87 AUC. Our code will be available on

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Online Video Anomaly Detection Detection of Traffic Anomaly MOVAD (640x480) AUC 82.17 # 1
Online Video Anomaly Detection Detection of Traffic Anomaly MOVAD (320x240) AUC 80.09 # 2