Instance Segmentation

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Instance segmentation is the task of detecting and delineating each distinct object of interest appearing in an image.

Image Credit: Deep Occlusion-Aware Instance Segmentation with Overlapping BiLayers, CVPR'21


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Latest papers with no code

Growing Instance Mask on Leaf

no code yet • 30 Nov 2022

Considering the superiorities above, we propose VeinMask to formulate the instance segmentation problem as the simulation of the vein growth process and to predict the major and minor veins in polar coordinates.

From Forks to Forceps: A New Framework for Instance Segmentation of Surgical Instruments

no code yet • 26 Nov 2022

Minimally invasive surgeries and related applications demand surgical tool classification and segmentation at the instance level.

Automating Cobb Angle Measurement for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis using Instance Segmentation

no code yet • 25 Nov 2022

This paper proposes to address the Cobb angle measurement task using YOLACT, an instance segmentation model.

How do Cross-View and Cross-Modal Alignment Affect Representations in Contrastive Learning?

no code yet • 23 Nov 2022

Various state-of-the-art self-supervised visual representation learning approaches take advantage of data from multiple sensors by aligning the feature representations across views and/or modalities.

Rethinking Implicit Neural Representations for Vision Learners

no code yet • 22 Nov 2022

Existing INRs methods suffer from two problems: 1) narrow theoretical definitions of INRs are inapplicable to high-level tasks; 2) lack of representation capabilities to deep networks.

Task-Specific Data Augmentation and Inference Processing for VIPriors Instance Segmentation Challenge

no code yet • 21 Nov 2022

And in order to make the most of visual inductive priors, we designed a task-specific inference processing strategy.

The Runner-up Solution for YouTube-VIS Long Video Challenge 2022

no code yet • 18 Nov 2022

This technical report describes our 2nd-place solution for the ECCV 2022 YouTube-VIS Long Video Challenge.

TrafficCAM: A Versatile Dataset for Traffic Flow Segmentation

no code yet • 17 Nov 2022

Firstly, TrafficCAM provides both pixel-level and instance-level semantic labelling along with a large range of types of vehicles and pedestrians.

3D-QueryIS: A Query-based Framework for 3D Instance Segmentation

no code yet • 17 Nov 2022

Previous top-performing methods for 3D instance segmentation often maintain inter-task dependencies and the tendency towards a lack of robustness.

Robust Online Video Instance Segmentation with Track Queries

no code yet • 16 Nov 2022

We propose a fully online transformer-based video instance segmentation model that performs comparably to top offline methods on the YouTube-VIS 2019 benchmark and considerably outperforms them on UVO and OVIS.