Fully Convolutional Geometric Features

Extracting geometric features from 3D scans or point clouds is the first step in applications such as registration, reconstruction, and tracking. State-of-the-art methods require computing low-level features as input or extracting patch-based features with limited receptive field. In this work, we present fully-convolutional geometric features, computed in a single pass by a 3D fully-convolutional network. We also present new metric learning losses that dramatically improve performance. Fully-convolutional geometric features are compact, capture broad spatial context, and scale to large scenes. We experimentally validate our approach on both indoor and outdoor datasets. Fully-convolutional geometric features achieve state-of-the-art accuracy without requiring prepossessing, are compact (32 dimensions), and are 600 times faster than the most accurate prior method.

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Benchmark
Point Cloud Registration 3DLoMatch (10-30% overlap) FCGF (reported in PREDATOR) Recall ( correspondence RMSE below 0.2) 40.1 # 8
Point Cloud Registration 3DMatch (at least 30% overlapped - sample 5k interest points) FCGF (reported in PREDATOR) Recall ( correspondence RMSE below 0.2) 85.1 # 7
Point Cloud Registration 3DMatch Benchmark FCGF + RANSAC Feature Matching Recall 82 # 11
3D Feature Matching 3DMatch Benchmark FCGF Average Recall 0.9578 # 1
Point Cloud Registration 3DMatch (trained on KITTI) FCGF Recall 0.325 # 4
Point Cloud Registration ETH (trained on 3DMatch) FCGF Recall 0.161 # 11
Point Cloud Registration KITTI FCGF Success Rate 96.57 # 5
Point Cloud Registration KITTI (trained on 3DMatch) FCGF Success Rate 24.19 # 6

Results from Other Papers

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Rank Source Paper Compare
Point Cloud Registration KITTI (FCGF setting) FCGF Recall (0.6m, 5 degrees) 98.2 # 2


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