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Optimizing Illuminant Estimation in Dual-Exposure HDR Imaging

no code implementations4 Mar 2024 Mahmoud Afifi, Zhenhua Hu, Liang Liang

Within camera ISP pipeline, illuminant estimation is a crucial step aiming to estimate the color of the global illuminant in the scene.

Color Constancy

Multi-View Motion Synthesis via Applying Rotated Dual-Pixel Blur Kernels

3 code implementations15 Nov 2021 Abdullah Abuolaim, Mahmoud Afifi, Michael S. Brown

In this work, we follow the trend of rendering the NIMAT effect by introducing a modification on the blur synthesis procedure in portrait mode.

Attribute Motion Synthesis

Auto White-Balance Correction for Mixed-Illuminant Scenes

1 code implementation17 Sep 2021 Mahmoud Afifi, Marcus A. Brubaker, Michael S. Brown

Auto white balance (AWB) is applied by camera hardware at capture time to remove the color cast caused by the scene illumination.

Improving Single-Image Defocus Deblurring: How Dual-Pixel Images Help Through Multi-Task Learning

1 code implementation11 Aug 2021 Abdullah Abuolaim, Mahmoud Afifi, Michael S. Brown

Specifically, we show that jointly learning to predict the two DP views from a single blurry input image improves the network's ability to learn to deblur the image.

Deblurring Depth Estimation +4

Image color correction, enhancement, and editing

no code implementations28 Jul 2021 Mahmoud Afifi

This thesis presents methods and approaches to image color correction, color enhancement, and color editing.

Color Manipulation

CAMS: Color-Aware Multi-Style Transfer

1 code implementation26 Jun 2021 Mahmoud Afifi, Abdullah Abuolaim, Mostafa Hussien, Marcus A. Brubaker, Michael S. Brown

A nice feature of our method is that it enables the users to manually select the color associations between the target style and content image for more transfer flexibility.

Style Transfer

Semi-Supervised Raw-to-Raw Mapping

1 code implementation25 Jun 2021 Mahmoud Afifi, Abdullah Abuolaim

This paper focuses on the task of mapping between different sensor raw-RGB color spaces.

Domain Adaptation

Cross-Camera Convolutional Color Constancy

1 code implementation ICCV 2021 Mahmoud Afifi, Jonathan T. Barron, Chloe LeGendre, Yun-Ta Tsai, Francois Bleibel

We present "Cross-Camera Convolutional Color Constancy" (C5), a learning-based method, trained on images from multiple cameras, that accurately estimates a scene's illuminant color from raw images captured by a new camera previously unseen during training.

Color Constancy

HistoGAN: Controlling Colors of GAN-Generated and Real Images via Color Histograms

1 code implementation CVPR 2021 Mahmoud Afifi, Marcus A. Brubaker, Michael S. Brown

This goal has led to significant interest in methods that can intuitively control the appearance of images generated by GANs.

Image Generation

Interactive White Balancing for Camera-Rendered Images

1 code implementation26 Sep 2020 Mahmoud Afifi, Michael S. Brown

This is because RAW images have no photo-rendering operations applied and photo-editing software is able to apply WB and other photo-finishing procedures to render the final image.

Deep White-Balance Editing

4 code implementations CVPR 2020 Mahmoud Afifi, Michael S. Brown

The ISP rendering begins with a white-balance procedure that is used to remove the color cast of the scene's illumination.

What Else Can Fool Deep Learning? Addressing Color Constancy Errors on Deep Neural Network Performance

1 code implementation ICCV 2019 Mahmoud Afifi, Michael S. Brown

There is active research targeting local image manipulations that can fool deep neural networks (DNNs) into producing incorrect results.

Color Constancy Image Augmentation +3

Sensor-Independent Illumination Estimation for DNN Models

1 code implementation14 Dec 2019 Mahmoud Afifi, Michael S. Brown

Our learned space retains the linear property of the original sensor raw-RGB space and allows unseen camera sensors to be used on a single DNN model trained on this working space.

When Color Constancy Goes Wrong: Correcting Improperly White-Balanced Images

1 code implementation CVPR 2019 Mahmoud Afifi, Brian Price, Scott Cohen, Michael S. Brown

The challenge lies not in identifying what the correct white balance should have been, but in the fact that the in-camera white-balance procedure is followed by several camera-specific nonlinear color manipulations that make it challenging to correct the image's colors in post-processing.

Color Constancy

Image Recoloring Based on Object Color Distributions

1 code implementation Eurographics 2019 - Short Papers 2019 Mahmoud Afifi, Brian Price, Scott Cohen, and Michael S. Brown

We present a method to perform automatic image recoloring based on the distribution of colors associated with objects present in an image.

Object Segmentation +1

As-projective-as-possible bias correction for illumination estimation algorithms

1 code implementation JOSA A 2019 Mahmoud Afifi, Abhijith Punnappurath, Graham Finlayson, Michael S. Brown

Recent work by Finlayson, Interface Focus, 2018 showed that a bias correction function can be formulated as a projective transform because the magnitude of the R, G, B illumination vector does not matter to the AWB procedure.

Image Posterization Using Fuzzy Logic and Bilateral Filter

no code implementations3 Feb 2018 Mahmoud Afifi

Image posterization is converting images with a large number of tones into synthetic images with distinct flat areas and a fewer number of tones.

Face Detection Human Detection

Semantic White Balance: Semantic Color Constancy Using Convolutional Neural Network

1 code implementation1 Feb 2018 Mahmoud Afifi

The goal of computational color constancy is to preserve the perceptive colors of objects under different lighting conditions by removing the effect of color casts caused by the scene's illumination.

Color Constancy Semantic Segmentation

11K Hands: Gender recognition and biometric identification using a large dataset of hand images

1 code implementation12 Nov 2017 Mahmoud Afifi

In this work, we propose a large dataset of human hand images (dorsal and palmar sides) with detailed ground-truth information for gender recognition and biometric identification.

Animal Pose Estimation Object Detection

Can We Boost the Power of the Viola-Jones Face Detector Using Pre-processing? An Empirical Study

no code implementations22 Sep 2017 Mahmoud Afifi, Marwa Nasser, Mostafa Korashy, Katherine Rohde, Aly Abdelrahim

In this paper, we study the influence of a set of blind pre-processing methods on the face detection rate using the Viola-Jones algorithm.

Deblurring Face Detection

Can We See Photosynthesis? Magnifying the Tiny Color Changes of Plant Green Leaves Using Eulerian Video Magnification

no code implementations12 Jun 2017 Islam A. T. F. Taj-Eddin, Mahmoud Afifi, Mostafa Korashy, Ali H. Ahmed, Ng Yoke Cheng, Evelyng Hernandez, Salma M. Abdel-latif

In this paper, we aim to detect the degree of animation of plants based on the magnification of the small color changes in the plant's green leaves using the Eulerian video magnification.

MPB: A modified Poisson blending technique

1 code implementation Computational Visual Media 2015 Mahmoud Afifi, Khaled F. Hussain

Image cloning has many useful applications, such as removing unwanted objects, fixing damaged parts of images, and panorama stitching.

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